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Method 3: Automatic Sign-Up via Email Relay


  • An existing Trustifi admin (“pro”) account with sufficient available users
  • “Shared Plan” is enabled
  • Organization’s domain is verified with Trustifi
  • Organization Exchange Server is connected to Trustifi Email Relay - For documentation on how to integrate, see this guide for Office 365 and this guide for Google G Suite


The onboarding process

When your organization’s Exchange Server is connected to Email Relay, this process is largely automatic; your users simply need to send an email in order to join the admin’s Trustifi plan.

An account will automatically be created for them with a random generated password, users can create a new password by clicking on the provided link in the Trustifi “Welcome” email (see figure 4).

Users don’t actually need to create a password to use Trustifi with the Email Relay, it is only needed if they want to access their account on the web app.


Information! During the Email Relay configuration, you may decide if all users under your organization should be connected or choose to do so for selected users only (e.g. for POC purposes).


  • The admin doesn’t need to manually send out invitations or prepare lists
  • After Email Relay is set up, the onboarding process is completely automatic
  • Users don’t need to go through the sign-up process



  • Some work is required beforehand: domain verification and setting up Email Relay
  • Users may create an account unintentionally


Appropriate for

  • Organizations that want to use the Email Relay
  • Organizations with a large number of users


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