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The email security industry
is evolving away from SEGs.
Get direct insight from
Trustif’s security experts
and Forrester analysts,
summarized from The
Forrester Now Tech and
2021 Wave: Enterprise
Email Security Reports

Email Security for Healthcare

White Paper
Over the past 10 years, almost 200 million Americans have had their sensitive healthcare information exposed.

Email Security for Education

White Paper
Students and teachers communicate heavily via email as more classes have moved entirely online.
Faculty are not the only risk factors in the education area. Students who are naive to hackers can also be easily phished and exploited.

Email Security for Finance

White Paper
There are approximately 15 billion phishing emails sent per day; half of those target or impersonate financial institutions.

Email Security for Government

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Hackers are all too happy to ransack government agencies who may be unaware they are under attack. With outdated websites and antiquated systems, local governments are a prime target for hackers.

Email Security for Legal

White Paper
About 83% of law firms experienced phishing attacks
in 2018. Oftentimes, Cybersecurity is often an afterthought when it comes to legal firms.

Iowa State Bar Case Study

Case Study
The oldest voluntary state bar association in the US extends Trustifi to members to modernize and secure against email threat vectors.

Email Security for Retail

White Paper
Unfortunately, retailers not only have to worry about tech giants like Amazon, they also have worry about the most common form of workplace communication,

Email Security for Manufacturing

White Paper
Sending intellectual property to outside parties is often necessary in supply chains. This presents a prime opportunity for phishers to exploit employee trust.

CCPA Regulations and Compliance

White Paper
Becoming compliant with CCPA requirements
are challenging and requires focus.

What does it take to remain compliant? How can you make sure you don't get fined? Read more.

Traditional Email is Not Safe

White Paper
E-mails are not direct messages between the sender and the recipient. Traditional on-premise or cloud-based e-mail solutions are providing security and integrity of your
message only to the point when the message leaves your email exchange.

OCR Technology

White Paper
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a fantastic tool to
fight against cybersecurity attacks. Artificial intelligence combined with OCR is revolutionizing how organizations are fighting against image-based phishing and malware scams.

Remote Employee Security Playbook

Amid Covid-19, it is now becoming commonplace
for organizations to make their staff telecommute and work from home. Are you taking the proper cyber security precautions?

Protect Your Video Conference Meeting

White Paper
The weakest security link in the chain is often the invitation for the meeting – if an email invitation is sent by regular email, without encryption and authentication,
attackers can easily intercept it and gain access to your organization’s sensitive information. See how Trustifi has overcome this.