Compliance Management with One-Click Compliance™

With the One-Click Compliance tool, administrators can easily set the platform to screen emails to ensure they automatically comply with a list of more than 10 regulatory compliance guidelines.

System administrators need only to select which regulations the company desires for compliance from an on-screen list. The system’s AI-powered optical character recognition filters then proceed to scan each user’s emails, automatically encrypting any outgoing messages that includes sensitive data in adherence to a specific compliance regulation.

Auto-Encrypted Reply

Employees have the ability to send and receive encrypted email with third parties even if the recipients do not have Trustifi. Once an encrypted email has been sent by a Trustifi user, the recipient’s response will be fully encrypted – including attachments up to 1 Gig in file size – to ensure the entire communication chain stays secure.

Set It and Forget It

Administrators can designate the system to scan for as many different compliance regulations as they’d like, and can set policy rules such as for how long a period the encrypted mail can be opened. The One Click option is simple to deploy – administrators literally just click down a list of boxes, making this a “set-and-forget-it” solution.


With One Click You Can Stay Compliant with:

Compliance Management with One-Click Compliance™

Create an Email Compliance Plan for Your Whole Organization with Just One Click