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Your business is unique and so are your security needs- no matter the size

Use one vendor for your organization’s e-mail security. Trustifi has developed the simplest Email Security SaaS Platform on the market- without compromising protection.

Why Businesses are Choosing Trustifi

  • No Infrastructure Changes Needed
  • Simple Add-in for Gmail and Outlook
  • Customizable Security Options for Every Inbox
  • Malicious Content Detection, Prevention, Protection and Alert
  • Spoofing and Fraud Detection
  • Tailor Made Solutions upon Request
  • Postmarked Proof


One-click send of end-to-end encrypted emails that are easy to decrypt and read.

Threat Protection

Email authentication alerts to fraudulent emails, malware and phishing schemes

Certified Delivery

Postmarked technology tracks email with delivery proof of when it’s been opened


Proof that all legal compliance obligations met. (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, CCPA + more)


Send encrypted emails right from your mobile device, just like any other email


Your email’s content analyzed and sensitive emails sent encrypted automatically

About Trustifi

Trustifi is a Cyber Security firm featuring solutions delivered on a Software as a Service platform. Trustifi leads the market with the easiest to use and deploy email security products providing both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor.
The most valuable asset to any organization is the data contained in their email, and Trustifi’s key objective is keeping client’s data, reputation, and brand safe from all threats related to email. With Trustifi’s Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention, and Email Encryption, clients are always one step ahead of attackers.

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