Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security
Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security

Email Security for IT and Technology Providers


Email security, data protection, and compliance solutions specifically designed for IT and technology providers.


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Email Security for IT and Technology Providers

Data protection and strong security processes have never been more important for organizations in the IT and technologies industries. As the world has become more reliant on digital services – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – cybercriminals have seen an opportunity to target providers themselves with ever more sophisticated cyber-attacks.

IT companies are collecting huge amounts of data at unprecedented scales. It is a major problem for IT providers to protect this data as their organization grows, while ensuring compliance with new data regulations. This puts companies at risk of huge financial costs if customer data is breached.

IT and technology providers need to ensure data is kept protected at all times, especially when sent over unsafe channels like email. This is true for your own data and that of your clients as the reliance on outsourced IT services continues to grow.

Trustifi protects IT and technology providers from all email-based cyberattacks with an innovative email security platform that protects email at every stage of delivery, at time of sending, in transit, and in the recipient’s inbox. Deployed via API with powerful AI-based scanning, Trustifi protects organizations from all email threats, including phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and spam, while ensuring full legal compliance.

The Problems

Key Email Challenges Facing The IT industry

  • New data regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, FINRA, FERPA and CCPA are putting pressure on technology providers to enforce ever more stringent data protection policies and better security practices. Providers that fail to secure the data they collect face massive fines, not to mention loss of brand reputation.
  • Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting IT and technology providers with more sophisticated cyberattacks. Ransomware, phishing, and account compromise are major challenges facing the IT industry as cybercriminals look for the most lucrative ways to disrupt organizations.
  • A major increase in supply chain attacks, where smaller tech companies are targeted as a way to breach larger enterprises, means all organizations need to ensure robust data protection systems are in place to ensure clients and partners are protected against data breaches.
  • Gaining visibility and control over where data is being shared and stored is increasingly difficult for IT technology providers, especially those who are growing at a rapid pace. Security teams within tech companies need to have tools in place to automate data loss prevention to stop data loss and ensure legal compliance.

The Solution

How Can Trustifi Help Secure the IT and Technology Industry?

1-Click Compliance™

Trustifi allows you to easily secure and encrypt email messages with just one click in their email inbox. Automated data loss protection policies scan email content for any sensitive data or personal information and automatically encrypts email to ensure full legal compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more. Recipients can easily gain access to encrypted email, without any complex authentication processes.

Powerful, Scalable Email Security

Trustifi analyzes the content of all inbound email messages to determine if emails, attachments, or links contain any suspicious content. If an email is found to be malicious, Trustifi will automatically quarantine or remove email messages, with granular policies and detailed reports for IT administrators. Trustifi integrates seamlessly with email platforms with highly scalable API-based deployment, deployment, offering security against phishing, business email compromise, spam, ransomware, and malware.

Granular Controls

Trustifi provides IT administrators and users with unparalleled controls over email data. Administrators are able to configure data loss policies to automate encryption, with a range of detailed reports, insights, and logs to ensure compliance and gain visibility into incoming and outbound encrypted messages. End users can track email delivery, with the ability to unsend, revoke access, edit, and set expiration dates on email messages, even after email delivery


Key Features of Our IT and Technology Services Solution


Confidential Email Delivery With 1-Click Compliance™: Powerful encryption standards provide NSA-grade secure protection for email messages, content, and attachments. One click is all it takes to send encrypted messages and ensure full legal compliance providing unrivalled ease of use for ensuring legally compliant communication.

Advanced Threat Protection

Trustifi scans email content using advanced ML-algorithms to catch sophisticated email threats missed by legacy secure email gateway technology. If a message is malicious it is automatically quarantined, with detailed audits provided for administrators. Trustifi stops phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and spam.

Data Loss Prevention

Trustifi provides enhanced controls for end users, including the ability to delete, unsend, or set expiration dates on encrypted emails, even after they have been delivered. Email forwarding, replying, and copying can be disabled, and users can track delivery with Postmark email delivery.

Email Delivery Tracking

Two-step verification is utilized to ensure that email data is only accessible by the intended recipient. You are able to choose the method of authentication used, including an SMS-code, PIN shared via email, or a secret password shared by the original sender. This streamlines the encryption process and ensures safe email delivery.



With Trustifi, you can encrypt emails with just the click of a button in the usual email application. Recipients can reply to encrypted email messages directly from their inbox, without the need to create a new account or install any complex plug-ins or software.


Trustifi is fully cloud-based, providing seamless integration with enterprise email platforms including Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange Online. Deployment takes seconds to complete and automated threat protection and data loss prevention ensures there is no ongoing management needed.

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Why Do IT and Technology Providers Choose Trustifi?

Trustifi is the ideal email encryption and security platform for IT and technology providers. Trustifi’s encryption and email security platform ensures sensitive personal, financial, and copyright information is fully protected and legally compliant, with granular controls and visibility for IT administrators. End users can easily and securely send and receive encrypted email messages, with powerful protection against account compromise and data breaches.

Stay Compliant

Protect Sensitive Data and Ensure Compliance

Trustifi ensures compliance with the full range of data protection regulations, including HIPPA, PCI, SOX, GDPR, NIST, FERPA and CCPA. 1-Click Compliance™ and automated data loss prevention policies ensure that any emails containing any sensitive customer, intellectual property, or financial data are automatically encrypted. Trustifi’s powerful inbound email filtering technology prevents malware, ransomware, phishing, and spam from reaching users’ inboxes, providing IT teams with a powerful, multi-layered email protection platform.

Robust Administrator Controls

With Trustifi, administrators have full control over email data at all times, with visibility over where encrypted data is being shared inside the organization and beyond. Trustifi provides robust email controls, including allow/deny lists, customizable encryption policies, threat protection policies, and more.

Ease of Use

End users can seamlessly access and respond to encrypted email messages, with granular controls and visibility that to boost user productivity. Users can revoke access to email messages, disable forwarding, and track email delivery to measure when emails have been read or responded to. Users can access encrypted messages on any device, at any time, with secure two-factor authentication to verify secure access. End users never need to install any agents or software to read encrypted messages.

Highly Scalable, with Easy Deployment

Trustifi integrates seamlessly with email networks. Trustifi’s cloud-native platform integrates directly into Exchange Online, Office 365, and Google Workspace via API integration. Users can be onboarded via Microsoft Azure Active Directory, ensuring an efficient, pain-free deployment process that takes just a few minutes, with a modern, easy to use administrator console.  Trustifi is highly scalable and is an ideal solution for fast-growing IT and technology providers that need powerful email protection without latency, complex configuration, or cumbersome user features.

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