Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security
Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security

Tracking & Postmark Proof

As many other aspects of modern business practices have been digitized, the use of Certified Mail for the tracking and delivery of sensitive information has remained an analog practice. While you may be able to track Certified Mail online, the entire process of sending and tracking Certified Mail is unwieldy, inconvenient, and expensive.

The Trustifi Difference

Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking offers the first truly viable alternative to Certified Mail and revolutionizes how sensitive data is sent and tracked via email. Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking feature gives the sender a full-field view of email delivery confirmation, receipt of when it was opened, and what device it was opened on – all in real-time. With immediate notifications, senders never miss when an email containing sensitive information was delivered and opened.

In addition to providing a receipt of comprehensive tracking information, Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking offers many more features that provide your organization with an added level of assurance that emails containing sensitive information are protected.

Tracking & Postmark Proof

See When & Where Your Recipients Opened Your Emails in Real-Time


Core Benefits

Need an audit history on a specific email? As long as it was sent using Trustifi’s software, that’s not an issue. Full tracking information for every email is easily accessible.

Full audit history on sent emails may not always provide the type of data that can be leveraged moving forward. For this type of data, the sender or administrator will need to tap into Trustifi’s analytics capabilities that provide full visibility into how many times emails are clicked on, forwarded, opened, printed, and more. The data can then be used to inform business decisions, alter email campaigns, or explore new opportunities.

Everyone makes mistakes, but few things are as detrimental to your company as an email containing sensitive and private information sent to the wrong recipient, or an email containing incorrect information sent to an important client.

Avoid these embarrassing and costly events by integrating Trustifi’s software into your email platform of choice. Once installed, senders can block a recipient from opening an email even after it’s been delivered. When combined with the ability to seamlessly recall any email sent, any oversight can be quickly remedied.

As an added benefit, Trustifi’s software can sync with the most commonly used reporting tools, including Global Relay and Salesforce. Organizations that rely on an active directory can sync directly and upload in bulk. Taken together, these features make integrating with your third-party applications easy and hassle-free.



Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking is an essential tool for businesses operating in industries with compliance mandates, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and others. This is because knowing exactly where sensitive information is being sent and accessed is vital.

For organizations that work in the legal, insurance, or financial industry, the ability to certify delivery down to the exact inbox and device that an email was opened on can completely change the way important documents are disseminated.

At the same time, Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking provides a comprehensive view of the movement and disposition of sent emails containing sensitive information. For industries that have regulatory requirements for the protection of sensitive data, this can make an audit of data protection easier and more effective.


Why it Matters?

Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking service is the first real alternative to costly Certified Mail. Costs to send information via Certified Delivery can add up quickly. For bulk emails, such as class-action lawsuits, the mailing costs alone can total millions of dollars.

Verifying exactly who you are sending sensitive information to, when it is opened, and what device it is opened on has never been easier. With Trustifi’s Postmark Proof & Tracking you can have the same peace of mind as Certified Mail. With digitized business practices becoming more common, it only makes sense that proof of mailing for your emails be digitized, too.