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The process

After you follow the steps below and the records have been added, your domain will be verified as soon as the records will be properly updated by the DNS host (usually this only takes a few minutes but sometimes can take up to few hours).


Step 1:

Log in to the Trustifi web app using your admin credentials. From there, navigate to the “Outbound Management” page and click on the “Domains” tab.

Once there, click on the “Add domain” button (see figure 1).


Adding a new domain

Figure 1: Navigating to the “Domains” tab and adding a domain.


Step 2:

In the pop-up window, enter the domain you would like to verify (e.g. – mydomain.example) and click on the “Add domain” button to confirm.

The domain will appear in the domains list, initially with the status “Unverified” (see figure 2). This status will be updated after the relevant DNS records have been added.


An unverified domain

Figure 2: A new domain in the domains list.


Step 3:

Click on the “Actions” button for your newly added domain and click on “Show records” in the menu (see figure 3) – this will open a new window with the DNS records that need to be added to your DNS environment.


Showing the domain's DNS records

Figure 3: Showing the DNS records for your newly added domain.


Information! Pro-tip: You can click on each of the records (name and value) to easily copy them to your clipboard.

If you want to save these records or send them to someone else, you can click on “Download Records CSV” from the “Actions” menu to save the DNS records as a Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file.


Step 4:

At this point you will need to log into your domain host environment and add the required DNS records.

This process varies slightly depending on which host you are using, but the basic steps are the same:

  • Log in to the domain host environment with the correct credentials
  • Choose the relevant domain from the dashboard (your may have more than one)
  • Click on the “DNS” section/page. You will see all the existing DNS records there.
  • Click “Add record
  • Select the correct type of records to add (TXT, CNAME, MX)
  • Add the relevant input under “Host”/”Value”/”Pointer”
  • Add the record

The “TTL” (Time To Live) value can remain at the default setting for each record.

Information! The “MX” record requires the priority to be set at 10. This MX record will not interfere with your domain’s regular email flow, since Trustifi’s MX record is created for a custom sub-domain to be used only by Trustifi.

Step 5:

Make sure all the required have been added correctly. Typically, DNS records take only a couple of minutes to propagate and finish updating, however in some cases this process can take up to 24 hours.

Once the DNS records have been added and updated, return to the Trustifi web portal, and click on “Check if verified” under the “Actions” menu for your domain.  Your domain’s status should now change to “Verified” (see figure 4).


A verified domain

Figure 4: A verified domain under the “Domains” tab.

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