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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trustifi?

Why do I need my e-mails encrypted?

  • Trustifi encrypts every e-mail you send to ensure the protection of data inside the e-mail from outside threats.
  • Encrypted e-mails can only be opened by the recipient and sender. We do not have access to the data stored inside each e-mail.

Can I use Trustifi with my existing e-mail accounts?

  • Yes, no new e-mail account or additional software is required to use our services. Trustifi has extensions for Gmail and Outlook that integrate the Trustifi features with your current e-mail addresses, all you have to do is sign-up.

Do recipients of my e-mails also need to have Trustifi?

  • No. Only the sender needs to have a Trustifi account. In addition, recipients can reply to Trustifi users in a secure way by using our ENCRYPTED-REPLY™ option.

Who has access to the information inside my e-mails?

  • Only the sender and the recipient. We don’t have access to any of the text or attachments inside the e-mail.

Will Trustifi encrypt all my e-mails?

  • All attachments are encrypted by default, and e-mail content encryption is configurable - the sender can choose whether to encrypt the content or not.

What does Trustifi do?

What is a Trustifi encrypted e-mail?

  • Trustifi has military grade encryption with an AES256 algorithm to make sure your e-mails stay safe and every Trustifi e-mail is always sent encrypted.
  • We separate all the important information from the e-mail (attachments and content), classify the sensitivity of the e-mail/attachment and encrypt it with the unique private key of the user (we keep the key on a separate server that no one can access, only the user)

What is secure e-mail?

  • Secure is an encrypted e-mail which also requires the recipient to pass a two-factor authentication before opening the e-mail. This is the highest level of e-mail security.

What is two-factor authentication

  • Two-factor authentication requires the recipient to either insert a correct password (determined by the sender) or retrieve a PIN either from SMS/phone call or from an email. This PIN is the only way to access your e-mail.

What is a Postmarked e-mail?

  • Postmark is a patented technology of Trustifi that gives the sender legal proof the e-mail was sent, and the time the e-mail is opened.

What tracking data does Trustifi provide

  • Trustifi informs you about the time of sending, delivery, and opening of the e-mail as well as a mapped location of where the e-mail was opened.

Do the recipients of my e-mails know the e-mail is being tracked or postmarked?

  • Depends on the sender's preference. You can send an email using Trustifi's email wrapper or without. If sent without the wrapper the format is the same as a regular e-mail would look like.

Can my recipient send me an ENCRYPTED-REPLY™ with authentication?

  • Yes, you can “force” the recipient to send you a reply that will require two-factor authentication from you in order to open it.

Can I use multiple email address under my Trustifi account to send e-mails?

  • Yes, you can add additional e-mails to your account, but you need to verify each one separately first by clicking the link sent to you.

How do I use Trustifi?

How to send an e-mail from the Trustifi Website.

  • First click the compose button on the left panel of the screen
  • Then type in the e-mails addresses you wish to send the Trustified e-mail to in the To box. Add the necessary information, including phone number and contact name. (if you have already added their contact just click the red lettered version of their e-mail from the drop box.)
  • Compose your e-mail, apply the different options: Encrypt Message Content, Require Authentication or Postmark™. Click send, and you’re done!

Why do I need to supply my recipient's phone number?

  • To complete two-factor authentication of the e-mail to ensure only the recipient is opening your e-mail a PIN is either texted or phoned in to them. This PIN is used to open your e-mail.

How to send an email from Outlook or Gmail

  • First download the Trustifi add-in for the e-mail application you wish to use.
  • Click the “New E-mail” button and then click the blue envelope for Trustifi services. Instead of adding the recipients' addresses into the To box, add the recipients into the "Type new or saved e-mail addresses box" in the add-on.
  • After adding all the desired e-mails and e-mail options, click apply and compose the e-mail as you normally would.

What if the recipient of my e-mail forgets their PIN for a secure e-mail?

  • The recipient can either ask the sender for a new access code, or the sender can give the original code again.


Why did the emails I have sent via the Email Relay arrive without any styles?

  • This is usually caused by Rich Text Format (RTF) being configured on your Exchange server. Please see the documentation for Office365 Email Relay implementation to disable RTF.
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