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Sensitivity Threshold

Enhancing rule detection threshold

NOTE: In this example, “GDPR” will be used as the rule which needs to be enhanced by adding a sensitivity score condition as the threshold. “Threshold” will be used for the “Sensitivity Score”.

Navigating to Rules & Policies and editing the GDPR rule

Log-in to your Trustifi account which has the admin rights for the plan, and navigate to Rules & Policies, find your GDPR rule, and edit it.

Finding and editing the GDPR rule

Navigate to the Outbound Management (1), Navigate to “Rules & Policies” tab (2), Find your existing GDPR rule (3), Click on the dropdown menu (“Actions”) and select “Edit”.

Adding new condition to the rule

After you found the GDPR rule you want to enhance, click on the “AND” button to add new condition to it.

Adding a condition

Click on “AND” to add new condition to the rule (1).

Adding the sensitivity score for threshold

Editing the new condition for the rule to require a specific score (equal or above) to detect only highly sensitive information.

Creating a sensitivity-based condition

Select “Sensitivity Score” (1), Select “Body” and “Attachment” (2), Select 3 or 4 (Suggestion to select 4 as a beginning) (3), Click on “Update” to save the changes (4).


Test the changes by sending an email you had issues with before to see if the threshold (Sensitivity score) is correctly configured.

NOTE: Multiple conditions or exceptions can be added to the rule. Make sure the rule is prioritized to be the first (if needed).

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