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Method 4: Automatic Domain Onboarding


  • An existing Trustifi admin (“pro”) account with sufficient available users
  • “Shared Plan” is enabled
  • Organization’s domain is verified with Trustifi
  • Automatic domain onboarding is set up by Trustifi support on the backend


The onboarding process

Similarly to Email Relay integration, this process is also largely automatic once the relevant configuration has been made.

The admin will have to ask Trustifi support to set to this automatic process. After setup has finished, new users who sign up to Trustifi (from the Trustifi web app or from the add-in, both can use SSO with their Microsoft/Gmail accounts) will automatically be added to the admin’s plan.

After the user signs up, they will receive a custom version of the Trustifi verification email.

When the user clicks on the “Verify” link (see figure 6) they will automatically join the admin’s plan.

The Trustifi verification email

Figure 6: The Trustifi verification email. Clicking the link will verify the user’s email and add them to the admin’s plan.


Information! This onboarding method does not necessarily replace other methods and can simply be used as a fail-safe to make sure the organization’s users do not create their own separate plans.


  • Guarantees that users from this domain are added to the admin’s plan
  • Admin doesn’t need to send out invitations – users can simply create accounts on their own
  • Can work in combination with other onboarding methods



  • Some work is required beforehand – Trustifi support need to set up the automatic onboarding.
  • Does not add users all at once


Appropriate for

  • Admins who want to make sure their users do not create separate accounts
  • Can work with any number of users – from very few to thousands

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