Proofpoint vs. Trustifi

September. 09, 2020

1:00-2:00AM PST

By implementing a robust email security solution, businesses can protect their networks, as well as their valuable, delicate data. As organizations around the world grow increasingly dependent on email to communicate with team members, clients, vendors, etc., more and more vulnerabilities reveal themselves, creating opportunities for malicious cyber attacks. However, “Secure Email Gateways,” commonly referred to as SEGs, can significant enhance email security protocols and protect company networks from potentially damaging threats, both incoming and internal. Proofpoint, one of the major SEGs, can meet the needs of organization mid-sized and larger, serving businesses with 250 or more users. And with an “Essentials” packaged utilized by more than 100,000 customers and aimed at organizations with anywhere from 5 to 1,000 users, Proofpoint is the current largest SEG vendor. Nevertheless, Proofpoint is far from the only major email security player. Trustifi, which is widely touted as the easiest and most comprehensive email security solution on the market, offers a comprehensive suite of tools ranging from encryption to advanced threat protection, to data loss prevention. Unmatched in its user-friendliness, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, Trustifi supplies an incredibly versatile email security solution.


A premiere cloud-based email security solution, Proofpoint provides small and medium enterprise protection from advanced security threats such as spam, phishing, malware, etc. At its core, Proofpoint serves to protect organizations’ sensitive and exclusive data from theft. And with their integrated Archiving and Continuity feature, Proofpoint supplies businesses with a simple, cost effective solution, while simultaneously meeting regulatory and business continuity needs. Furthermore, supported by Proofpoint’s first class security and infrastructure, Proofpoint Essentials provides customers with value and ease-of-use.


Trustifi can be easily and quickly deployed on Gmail/GSuite, Outlook, and virtually any email server. Offering first rate advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, encryption, and real-time reporting and tracking, Trustifi can assist organizations in limiting human error and maintaining user security. Moreover, Trustifi can operate as an extra layer of protection, seamlessly boosting an email provider’s existing security measures and providing customers full control over email security. Exceptionally versatile and customizable, Trustifi can be personalized to best suit each business’ needs.

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Features Breakdown

Deciding which email security solution will most effectively meet an organization’s needs can be an arduous task. Learning about the essential elements provided by reliable email security providers, like features and pricing, can empower businesses to make the choice most beneficial for them.

Threat Detection

One of the more critical elements of a SEG is undoubtedly threat protection. Proofpoint Essentials supplies customers with a vast array of threat protection features. Superior to Office 365 in blocking malicious content like spam and viruses, Proofpoint leverages their own internal threat protection technologies like MLX and CLX, multiple AV engines, and tailor-made filters for both inbound and outbound emails. Similarly, Trustifi manages and operates a wide array of advanced threat protection features. With a range of blacklisting and whitelisting options and expert detection of malware, ransomware, spoofing, phishing, and fraud, Trustifi masterfully protects and alerts organizations of all potential malicious attacks.

Spam Filtering

Putting a stop to spam is widely regarded as one of the most crucial aspects of an SEG. As the top SEG providers on the market, both Proofpoint and Trustifi offer comprehensive spam filtering. Proofpoint, in particular, provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures the capture of 99% of spam prior to it entering email inboxes. Likewise, Trustifi promises to detect spam before it can reach your inbox. Moreover, Proofpoint supplies inbound and outbound spam protection, preventing organizations from receiving or being taken advantage of for the purpose of sending out spam emails. 

Admin Features

An impressive range of admin features is vital, as it can empower admins to prevent and remedy email security breaches. Allowing users to sync to either Mimecast or Trustifi automatically, Azure Active Directory integration enables seamless incorporation of each of these platforms with Office 365. Moreover, both Proofpoint and Trustifi offer Single Sign On. Proofpoint also provides per-user policy management in the way of a user digest through which deleted emails can be replayed and quarantined emails can be restored. And with Proofpoint Essentials, customers can benefit from complex routing scenarios. Since Trustifi can be seamlessly integration as an add-on to a user’s Gmail or Outlook, it does not require any technical admins. 


Assisting admins in determining the source of threats and enabling better steps for rectifying such threats, reporting is a key factor of email security. In the way of reporting, Proofpoint supplies PDF reports and real time mail flow reports, as well as per user reports and breakdowns. Offering elevated reporting features, Trustifi supplies customers with real-time reports which alert users when emails have been received, opened, and read.

End-User Features

An incredibly important set of features for the purposes of email security, end-user features empower end-users to maintain productivity, enabling them to recover lost emails, free emails from quarantines, and prohibit or authorize different senders. In Proofpoint, end-users receive an email digest outlining emails that were blocked by the solution’s spam filter. Then, emails can be restored, sent out or blocked for specific senders and recipients. And in the event that an email is lost or accidentally erased, Proofpoint offers instant relay for a period of 30 days. Alternatively, Trustifi enables users to recall, block, modify, and set expirations for already sent and delivered emails at any time. 

Data Loss Prevention

Another significant element of email security is data loss prevention. Preventing malicious actors from leveraging company networks to send out spam, Proofpoint provides customers with Outbound Filtering. In addition, Proofpoint also offers DLP content filtering, blocking specific emails containing personal information or attachments in accordance with pre-defined policies. And if an email network were to crash, Proofpoint users would still be able to continue sending and receiving emails for 30 days.

“Proofpoint offers user based or user enforced encryption, that comes as part of the Essentials email security package.” Taking the matter of encryption further, Trustifi offers NSA-grade end-to-end email encryption, equipped with full inbound and outbound protection. Moreover, Trustifi provides two-factor authentication on the recipient (even without registering). In addition, Trustifi supplies secure mobile relay for complete protection on any device. Expertly protecting all user data, Trustifi maintains 100% complaince with guidelines and regulations like HIPAA/HITECH, PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA, etc.

Pricing Breakdown

When determining which email security solution will most successfully fulfill the requirements of a particular organization, cost is undoubtedly a major deciding factor. Proofpoint is certainly cheaper than many of its competitors. With that being said, Trustifi provides customers data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, and encryption services at a fraction of their typical costs. Extremely cost-effective and cloud-based, Trustifi offers the convenience and budget friendly advantages of the cloud. Each business has its unique email security needs. With Trustifi, organizations can receive customized, tailor-made solutions to best suit their needs. For a quick, complimentary quote, visit Trustifi’s website today!

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