Trustifi partners with Omega ATC to Integrate Email Encryption with Managed Detection and Response

By Alex Marz on Apr 09 2019

Las Vegas, April 09, 2019: Trustifi, a company that provides email security and encryption solutions, recently announced a partnership with Omega ATC, a company that provides managed detection and response. As of February 2019, Trustifi is Omega’s exclusive email encryption solution and available to every Omega customer at a discounted rate.

Omega provides managed solutions that help organizations stay resilient to cyber threats. Omega covers the full scope of network and endpoint security requirements for PCI and HIPAA compliance with solutions for network management, managed detection and response with hybrid AI, asset management, and machine analytics. As the number of cyber threats increases and environments become more complex with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, businesses across the United States are using Omega’s solutions to simplify the management of security and ensure continuity of operations.

With Trustifi added to its portfolio of managed solutions, Omega will be able to enforce data encryption policies with real-time alerts using its security information and event management platform, OmegaSecure. Omega will deliver Trustifi as part of its managed security solution or as a standalone service.

“Trustifi’s solution for email encryption and reverse DNS lookup is critical at a time when organizations in industries like healthcare and legal are required to maintain privacy in all client interactions, including communication that happens over email,” said Ashwin Swamy, Director of Cyber Resilience at Omega.

“Security tools are only as good as their ability to work alongside daily business processes,” continued Swamy. “From this standpoint, Trustifi offers the most effective solution for encrypting sensitive data contained within emails because it does not require recipients to have a subscription to the platform and includes great features like ‘email recall’ that give senders total control over their information. With Trustifi and OmegaSecure working together as an integrated solution, organizations will no longer have to juggle between a range of security tools, portals, and data sets in their effort to defend against the full range of threat vectors.”

“We’re excited about the partnership with Omega ATC,” said Trustifi CEO Idan Udi Edry. “Organizations know the importance of adding critical cybersecurity processes to business operations and Omega ATC and Trustifi customers now have the ability to analyze email meta data to detect and act on security threats within the email ecosystem in real time.”

In partnering with Omega, Trustifi is rapidly becoming a key fixture alongside the leading enterprise security tools. As part of an overall MDR solution, Trustifi will be able to leverage the latest in hybrid intelligence systems in its effort to help industries secure the critical infrastructures.

About Omega ATC
Omega ATC is on a mission to simplify the management of cybersecurity for businesses across the United States. Omega’s managed detection and response solutions are notable for their intuitive web and mobile applications that allow IT staff to manage systems from anywhere. As businesses innovate with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, they can look to Omega to ensure that all internet-connected devices and critical systems are always up, remotely manageable, and always protected. Omega uses the latest in hybrid AI and machine analytics to detect advanced threats, reduce false positives, and deliver real-time KPIs for monitoring operations.

About Trustifi
Trustifi is a software-as-a-services (SaaS) email security company offering a patented Postmarked email system that encrypts, tracks, proves delivery, and is the first federally-accepted method of sending legal documents online. The Trustifi solution provides organizations a hassle-free method to send electronic communications with absolute confidentiality, security and legal compliance.

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