Trustifi to provide email encryption for Iowa State Bar Association members

By Samantha Wormser on Dec 19 2018

PRNewswire: Trustifi, a company that provides email security service, recently announced a partnership with The Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA). As of January 2019, it will be the ISBA’s exclusive provider of email encryption and will be made available to every single association member at a discounted rate.

The Iowa State Bar Association provides legal education, research, practice aids, and more to over 7,600 attorneys in Iowa. The ISBA is one of the oldest state bar associations in the country and boasts one of the highest membership rates for voluntary state bar associations.

With this new partnership, The Iowa State Bar Association will be able to provide members with the opportunity to easily integrate email encryption, tracking, reverse DNS lookup, and more into their email communications. At a time when law firms are becoming increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, this is a crucial service for attorneys who want to protect their business.

“To emphasize the importance of law firms strengthening cybersecurity infrastructures, we heavily subsidized the cost for every member so they can utilize Trustifi’s encryption and security offerings,” says Harry Shipley, the Assistant Executive Director of the ISBA.

“The ISBA’s goal is to help attorneys have the highest level of email security possible,” says Shipley. “Trustifi is the ideal service for the ISBA because it’s easy for the sender and recipient, has superior technology to competitors, and offers an additional layer of security.”

With this new partnership to close out the year, Trustifi is quickly becoming the market leader for email encryption for the legal industry. Thanks to the software’s easy-to-integrate, Trustifi has signed many legal firms, and is looking forward to helping other industries strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure.

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