Working from home? Here's how to keep your home office hacker free

By Trustifi on Apr 10 2020

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — That's never been more important at the Vegas Chamber, the voice for more than 4,000 local businesses: its entire staff is working from home.“We're also doing webinars with our members,” Chamber President and CEO Mary Beth Sewald tells me, as we videoconference overZoom.

Those webinars are lifelines, Sewald says: 90% of her members are small businesses, the ones in danger of going under right now thanks to our economic shutdown.

“We have to be more diligent than ever in serving our members because they need us now more than ever,” says Sewald.

The chamber's work from home is helping those businesses get help from Washington.

“So we’ve been providing a lot of services to our members because our members need to know how to fill out those SBA (Small Business Administration) loan applications, and they have to have that information so they can get that much-needed cash,” Sewald tells me.

Which is why guys like Idan Edry are important. He runs the local cybersecurity firm Trustifi, and he's one of the experts keeping people working from home hacker free.

Here's what he's noticed since millions of Americans and thousands of Las Vegans had to turn their homes into offices.

“667% increase of phishing attacks occurred just in the last two weeks. This is something that I in the cybersecurity world would have never experienced before,” Edry says.

Phishing is those malicious emails hackers hope you open. It gives them a door into your computer and your information.

If your company is having you work from home, the best way to do it is connecting through something called a Virtual Private Network.

It's something your company can help you set up.

“That gives you a secure channel to log in from home and work from a secure environment,” says Edry.

And check the thing you plug your computer into--that box is how you get onto the internet.

“First of all, I would definitely check my router, and check that all the firewall and anti-viruses and all the things that are implemented in the secured network environment is really there and working,” Edry says.

For companies bleeding cash, Edry says computer security is more important now than ever.

“The last thing you want is a breach, is a data breach or a hacker attack. This is a knockout to your organization,” he says.


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