Black Hat: Saving Time with Trustfi

By Trustifi on Aug 22 2019

Jason Green from Trustifi spends a few minutes with Harry at the recent Black Hat security conference to explain how to save time implementing email security. You could take many hours to do it yourself inside the Microsoft 365 family or you can engage Trustfi to do it for you and, ergo, your customers.

About Trustifi

Trustifi is a software-as-a-services (SaaS) email security company offering a patented
Postmarked email system that encrypts tracks, proves delivery, and is the first federally-
accepted method of sending legal documents online. The Trustifi solution was created by Israeli
military intelligence engineers and programmers as a hassle-free method to send and receive
electronic communications with absolute confidentiality, protection, security, and legal
compliance. Trustifi adheres to GDPR, HIPPA, and Pii regulations.


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