Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security
Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security
How is ChatGPT AI Changing Phishing Email Attacks?

How is ChatGPT AI Changing Phishing Email Attacks?

AI-generated answers are the most thought-after internet communication strategy, as many sites use chatbots to guide users through problems. However, ChatGPT AI has already become a weapon of choice for bad actors, including phishers and global hackers, for creating phishing emails with artificial intelligence and malicious purposes.

This blog will provide recommendations to help combat the ongoing campaign of ChatGPT phishing emails by leveraging Trustifi’s advanced AI email security platform.

The Double-Edged Sword of ChatGPT: How Threat Actors Could Use It For Evil?

The development of AI conversational models such as ChatGPT has the potential to improve how computers interact and enhance customer engagement. However, this new technology also poses issues in cybersecurity, as it makes access to hacking tools more abusive by adversaries.

ChatGPT could be open to privacy issues, including capturing personal information during a chat session. Cybercriminals may exploit people through the chatbot by trying to get personal information and use it for illegal activities or targeted phishing attacks.

Shortly, programs like ChatGPT and other AI-based Natural Language Programs (NLPs) significantly affect the business world and everyday life. NLPs could replace existing search engines, redefine customer service and tech support, empower more advanced content creators, and advance popular digital assistants like Siri and Alexa.

The ChatGPT Security Threat

Attackers can use ChatGPT AI and other platforms to craft malicious content for email phishing. Open-source AI technology is quickly becoming available, allowing more advanced hackers to send a human-like text through email and SMS channels.

Spelling and grammatical errors are common in phishing and scam emails. ChatGPT produces better error-free content for phishing attacks. Previously, misspelled words and poor grammar would trigger quarantining by the email gateway.

Rogue Language Translation Services

Cybersecurity researchers have been monitoring ChatGPT’s ability to understand and output emails in over 20 languages, including Russian, Chinese and Korean. Users can explain what they need in any language, and ChatGPT AI-based tool will translate it into English.

Increase in Business Email Compromise on the Horizon

The cyber security industry is alert that cybercriminals may use the bot to create malware and carry out other malicious activities.

Using ChatGPT for email queries, essays, and other forms of content can be enhanced with an attack method known as business email compromise (BEC). BEC scams involve creating a convincing email template to fool the recipient into relinquishing confidential information or resources.

ChatGPT, an AI technology, enables attackers to create unique content for each BEC attack email, making it difficult to identify using conventional security measures.

Bringing Advanced-AI Email Security to Phishing Battle

Email security platform providers like Trustifi also invested in advanced AI and machine learning over the past few years to combat the risk of complex yet realistic email phishing attacks.

The most valuable asset to any organization, other than its employees, is the data contained in their email – and Trustifi’s key objective is keeping clients’ data, reputation, and brand safe from all threats related to email. With Trustifi’s Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention, and Email Encryption.

Trustifi’s inbound shield protection solution searches emails and looks for email-conceived phishing emails by processing the messages through various engines. Using this advanced AI strategy, Trustifi can block and quarantine messages that threaten users, providing detailed reporting for SecOps and email administration teams.

Trustifi Strategy – Holistic, Consolidate, and Optimize

With Trustifi vendor consolidation and reduction of resource cost allocation, they align with the needs of small and midsize clients while not compromising on email protection, all with a single pricing model.

Trustifi’s agile platform offers several proven security controls to help prevent the following attacks:

  • BEC: Trustifi protection: Trustifi’s BEC AI is trained and designed to detect text-based emails to perform social engineering attacks, including spoofing attacks.
  • Pre-vishing attacks: Trustifi protection: Trustifi’s proprietary metrics can detect and quarantine pre-vishing attacks by unique identifiers.
  • Spear Phishing: Trustifi protection: Trustifi uses AI, feeds, and proprietary metrics to detect and quarantine malicious emails, URLs, and files that aim to steal the recipient’s data.
  • Impersonation: Trustifi’s advanced email security platform detects and tags the impersonation of the recipient’s contacts to ensure safe correspondence with a genuine connection. Also, it can identify actual emails from a brand.
  • Account compromised: Trustifi protection: Trustifi has unique metrics to detect malicious emails and block them by supporting SPF, DKIM, and DMARC domain authentication, even though it comes from a known contact and allows listed senders. And provide account compromise detection of breached internal mailboxes.
  • New domains: Trustifi protection: Trustifi can detect additional parts and service abuse and quarantine the email.

Trustifi Single Console for Ease-of-Use Management
With a limited IT and security staff at most organizations, the clients need security solutions to manage more efficiently while meeting HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance mandates.

Trustifi’s email security services feature a comprehensive suite of tools for advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and enterprise email encryption.

Trustifi’s Email detection and response (EMDR) offers clients access to experts to assist with the implementation.

As a global cybersecurity provider of both inbound and outbound email protection, Trustifi currently supports customers from countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the UK, the Netherlands, India, the UAE, China, Japan, Cyprus, the Philippines, and more. The company has also developed “One-Click Compliance” capabilities that cater to world security regulations, including PDPO for Hong Kong, POPI for South Africa, GDPR for Europe, and LGPD for Brazil.

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Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of protection in your existing email environment or a complete suite solution, the expertise and simplicity Trustifi offers will exceed your expectations. Let’s discuss a customized email security plan that fits your needs perfectly

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