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By Mark Liapustin on Apr 01 2021

Standard email services have never been a secure way to communicate. However, applying end-to-end encryption by yourself is extremely difficult and might even be too much for the less tech-savvy. By offering the ability to encrypt messages (as well as attachments) in just a few clicks, Trustifi is one of the most straightforward ways to send emails securely. The app shines when it comes to its Outlook and Gmail add-ons, which allow you to continue using your favorite email client. On top of that, it boasts some advanced security features to ensure it meets all the necessary legal requirements to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant, as well as protect you against phishing attempts, viruses, and more. The company follows a waterfall pricing structure where you pay less per user the more employees you have, and it offers a 14-day free trial to test everything out for yourself before committing to a purchase.


Although Trustifi's interface is pretty simple, it hides a strong and reliable secure email security solution. Sending an encrypted email takes just one click, but Trustifi stands out due to its more advanced features. For instance, the app's multi-factor authentication means the sender can lock any email with a pin code or a question – adding an extra layer of protection.

Unlike other secure email services, Trustifi doesn't require the recipient to create a temporary account to read your emails. Instead, they get an email with a link that prompts them to a secure page with your message. To make things easier, the recipient can reply from there right away – making sure that their message is also encrypted.


Encrypting Emails With Trustifi

Trustifi Email Encryption

Trustifi Email Tracking

Trustifi Settings

Companies handle a lot of sensitive information and miswriting the recipient's email address can happen to anyone. Even worse, most people only realize that they've sent an email to the wrong person when it’s already too late. With Trustifi, you don't need to worry about this, as it lets you delete and edit messages after they've been sent.

Depending on your needs, Trustifi is able to block people from printing emails and only give them one-time access to messages and files. After the recipient reads the email, it will automatically delete. You also have the option to have Trustifi track your email to know whether your message has been opened, which can be used as legal proof.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are fundamental to a secure email service, and Trustifi offers plenty of both. By encrypting messages with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, the app makes sure that no one besides you and your recipient can read the message. However, it’s important to bear in mind that Trustifi does store some information about your account on its servers. If you’re worried about this, we recommend carefully going through the company’s privacy policy to understand exactly what information is logged. Regardless, Trustifi is the perfect option for companies that need to follow strict legal policies, such as hospitals, law firms, government agencies, universities, etc.


Trustifi Inbound Shield

Trustifi Inbound Shield

Trustifi Inbound Rules

When it comes to received emails, Trustifi goes the extra mile to ensure your company is safe. Phishing attacks are cybercriminals’ favorite way to exploit companies, pouncing on workers’ mistakes. And no matter how much training you offer in cybersecurity, there’s always a small chance that someone will click on a fraudulent link. Trustifi protects you against potential scammers by rating each received email from ‘Authenticated’ to ‘Impersonation Attack’. Additionally, you can set inbound protection rules to automatically detect and quarantine malicious emails so that those messages don’t even reach your employees’ inboxes. Better yet, the software also scans for viruses, ransomware, spoofing, and spam.


Trustifi is available in two formats: a web client and an add-on for Outlook and Gmail. For mobile, Trustifi is able to integrate with your email app to send encrypted messages automatically, but there isn’t a native app and the web client isn't mobile friendly. The email security service’s web client is quite straightforward, but it sticks to the basics. In other words, it doesn’t come with several email client features that are key for productivity, such as a calendar, email folders, or the option to mark important messages.

Web ClientAdd-On

Trustifi Web Client Interface

Trustifi Web Client

Trustifi Add-on

That’s why we recommend using the Outlook and Gmail add-ons instead. This way, you can take advantage of your email client's extra features while remaining safe with Trustifi. The add-on is extremely straightforward to use – you just have to enable which security features you want to use. It’s also easier to set up advanced features like multi-factor authentication in the add-on than in the web client. Last but not least, if you open Trustifi while reading an email, it will quickly scan the message and warn you about any threats.


Trustifi has a waterfall pricing structure, where the more users you get, the cheaper the app becomes. For small companies (ten employees or less), Trustifi Suite costs $6 per month per user with a yearly contract. It's also possible to get the inbound protection or the outbound encryption separately, costing $3 and $4.50 per month per user, respectively. Due to this dynamic price structure, we highly recommend you asking for a free quote and speaking with Trustifi directly to build the plan that best fits your needs.

Regardless of the company's size, Trustifi provides all users with 20GB worth of secure file storage and a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test everything the app has to offer without paying a dime. A good example of how Trustifi strives to help their clients is the ability to accommodate several payment options. While the main payment methods are credit card and wire transfer, the company will try to accommodate other payment solutions on request.

Customer Service

Trustifi Customer SupportEmail encryption is a complex topic, so it’s understandable that new users may have questions. Trustifi knows that, and it offers plenty of online materials to help you comprehend what the app does and how it works. Right off the bat, the company has white papers for several industries, which are easily downloaded via Trustifi’s resource center. Additionally, you can find various YouTube tutorials, information about all the apps provided, a comprehensive FAQ, and API documents on the company’s website.

If you can’t find answers to your questions on the website, then Trustifi’s live chat is the way to go. Even if you don’t want to speak with a customer support agent, it’s still worthwhile to check the chat, as a bot will help you find what you’re looking for. Finally, if social media is more your thing, you can contact the company directly through its Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Bottom Line

Trustifi WebsiteTrustifi offers one of the most straightforward ways to send encrypted emails on the market. Better yet, unlike other secure email clients, it allows you to continue using the perks of Outlook and Gmail. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the company stores some personal information (even if anonymous), which can scare some security-conscious users away. Still, considering how easy it is to use the add-on and all the protection that Trustifi provides, it’s incredibly worthwhile – especially for companies that follow strict legal policies. For instance, the ability to obtain legal proof of when an email is sent and opened can be lifesaving for some. The best part is that Trustifi is affordable ($6 per month per user) and it offers the option to get either its inbound or outbound solution separately. Since it comes with a 14-day free trial, you can test everything out before committing to a purchase.


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