The Facts About Phishing Protection Explained

April 5, 2021

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Phishing is the easiest way for hackers to steal users’ digital data. Phishing tricks the user into giving up confidential information such as usernames, network credentials, credit card information, passwords, and more. By masquerading as a trusted individual or institution via text message or email, perpetrators use social engineering to dupe the victim into clicking on a URL or attachment that appears to be legitimate but which, in fact, is controlled by the crook. Unaware of the danger, the unsuspecting user willingly exposes sensitive information. Spear phishing is one step ahead of regular phishing as it targets a single victim using information obtained from their web usage history to pretend to be from a trusted colleague.

Phishing puts both employees and companies at risk because hackers can exploit personal data from an individual to steal the identity or defame that person while also using the person’s system credentials to burrow into the employer’s company network. Protecting your employees and your business from phishing attacks is crucial. Ever-evolving phishing techniques demand advanced-level phishing protection. Trustifi is the cutting-edge solution to prevent criminal phishing attacks.

For many businesses, phishing protection involves educating the employees about the obvious signs of a possible fake email. In many cases, however, the signs are not obvious to the average user’s eye. Nevertheless, ways are available to identify bad emails. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that 90 percent of cybercrime begins with a phishing email. Therefore, an extra layer of phishing protection is prudent to protect individuals and companies from these nefarious attacks.

Trustifi Offers Solutions for Advanced Phishing Protection

Trustifi’s system security solution includes data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, and enterprise email encryption. Its Advanced Phishing Protection service provides powerful gateway security to prevent phishing emails from entering into users’ inboxes by safeguarding against the attacker’s most successful techniques. If targeted users never see the suspicious email, they cannot inadvertently click a link or attachment that could open the door to hackers. Common phishing techniques trapped by Trustifi’s Advanced Phishing Protection include:

  • Social Engineering: Trustifi’s phishing protection service scans all incoming emails in real-time, looks for key signs in the header, message body, and domain information that indicate a suspicious email. Depending on the potential threat, malicious emails are blocked at the server, bounced back, or labeled with a warning of possible danger to the recipient.  
  • Suspicious Links: Trustifi’s threat protection scans the inbound links in email messages in real-time. Though the message is sent on to the recipient, Trustifi prevents the user from clicking the suspicious URL or entering a site that contains possible malware.
  • Weaponized Attachments: In order to prevent phishing emails from introducing malware through weaponized attachments, Trustifi proactively sandboxes attached files or converts them into a safe format before appearing on the user’s screen.

Advantages of Trustifi’s Phishing Protection Solution

Trustifi’s Advanced Phishing Protection provides the following benefits:

  • Instant defense on and off the company’s network without any inconvenience to the employee.
  • Rapid and convenient deployment of the solution with quick service activation via Trustifi’s secured cloud platform. No software, gateways, or appliances are added to your existing on-premise or cloud email service.

COVID-19 Has Increased the Phishing Crisis

A phishing attack is all about deception. Criminals who use phishing create a sense of emergency in their bogus messages to achieve their goal. Crises like the COVID-19 epidemic gives perpetrators a big opportunity to trick users into giving away their sensitive information.

During critical times, people are on edge. They want to stay up to date on the country’s latest conditions. They anxiously look for information from government agencies, their employers, and other authentic sources. Phishing crooks craft messages that appear to be from one of these legitimate authorities and promises comprehensive information about the situation. Once the message has the reader’s attention, it asks them to quickly perform a certain action, hoping the user will give less scrutiny to the request because of the urgency of the crisis. An unwary click, and the user’s device is compromised, and along with it, the company network.

FAQs About Phishing Protection

What is Phishing Protection?

Phishing protection is defined as security measures that businesses may take to prevent phishing attempts within their network.

How can a company implement Phishing Protection?

Organizations can execute several phishing protection solutions to protect the user and organization from a phishing attack, including the following

  • Security Education:  Spreading awareness and educating the company’s employees about the possible phishing threats and how to identify them.
  • DNS Authentication Service: A powerful tool that uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to identify whether the inbound email is sent from an authentic source.
  • Advanced Phishing Protection Services: Trustifi’s industry-leading solution provides an extra layer of security to any company’s email services. Trustifi’s system is preferred by many businesses because it can easily be integrated into any of the existing email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of users receive phishing messages through email, SMS texts, faxes, and even voice messages. Many fall victim to this lucrative crime scheme. Hackers are constantly devising new ways to dupe their victims. Companies owe it to themselves and their employees to protect against the latest attack vectors. Contact Trustifi today to learn how easily and affordably you can protect your business from phishing.

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