5 Best Phishing Email Templates for Simulations

September 11, 2021

1:00-2:00AM PST

Phishing is a major concern for IT security practitioners. Hackers are shifting their attention away from direct attacks on enterprise networks and instead are targeting individuals and employees. Phishing emails are among the most common social engineering methods used by scammers. Phishing emails open the doors to Business Email Compromise and Ransomware, giving IT security professionals more to contend with. Proofpoint conducted a survey about phishing attacks in 2021, called the State of the Phish Report. They found that 57 percent of respondents had been victimized by phishing emails.

How can you avoid phishing hacks? It is vital to maintain the security of incoming and outgoing emails by using technical security solutions. Security experts, however, are also interested in how the employees handle suspicious emails that may wiggle through the security net. Thus, Phishing Email Simulations have become a very important element of security awareness programs in recent years, and many companies practice simulations.

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Best Phishing Email Templates for Simulations 

The best way to train employees in real-life situations is through the use of phishing email simulations. You can simulate phishing attacks by sending mock but realistic phishing emails to the company's employees. After you send the emails, your part is done. Now comes the user’s part and how they respond to the phishing attempt. Savvy users will report the phishing attack to the administrators. The weak links in your security education program will fall victim to the simulated scam by opening the bogus email and clicking the link. 

For the most accurate and successful phishing simulations, it is necessary to understand how to compose simulated phishing emails based on your specific needs. Even before you launch a phishing simulation campaign, however, you should educate your employees on phishing emails and how to deal with them. If a dangerous situation arises, workers who know what to look for will be in the best position to deal with the threat.

The keys to an effective and eye-opening phishing simulation is 1) to not tell the employees in advance that you are running a simulation, and 2) to send them realistic and engaging bait. Take a look at five of the best phishing email templates for simulation training for your staff. 

1. UPS Failed Delivery Attempt

A phishing email about a failed delivery attempt is most effective during the holidays. No one likes to miss a package delivery, and if you put urgency into the message, it becomes even more lethal. In the email, the sender implies that the victim's package couldn't be delivered to the provided address and the user can trace it by clicking the link, otherwise it will be returned. 

2. Google Hangouts 

This type of email uses a popular brand name and implies that a victim has been invited to join a group call from a trusted source. How does it trick the user into clicking the malicious link? The attacker uses the power of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The victims fear that if they don't join the meeting, they will miss out on something important. 

3. Netflix Password Reset

Everyone loves to watch streamed programs and movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a host of other entertainment providers. Though unethical and even illegal, sharing passwords to streaming services with others so they can watch for free has become common. Hence, it is also an ingenious way of tricking people into clicking the link or attachment in a phishing email. Netflix Password Reset emails indicate that the victim's Netflix services have been disconnected and can only be restarted when the victim resets their password. With a simple click on the link in the email, the victim’s service will be instantly restored, or so they are promised.

4. Confirm Direct Deposit 

Employing the motto “simple is better,” a simple message is effective phishing bait. In the Direct Deposit scam, the fake email appears to come from your bank and asks you to update or confirm direct deposit information by clicking a link and providing personal information. The bait is juicier when the message is filled with urgency.

5. Account Set for Deletion

How would you react if you received an email indicating that your account (any common account, such as PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and so forth) is set for deletion in a few days, and you can avoid this disaster only by taking the prescribed action right now? Of course, you would click the link to stop the account deletion countdown right away. Right? 

Final Thoughts

Phishing attacks are the primary cyber threat to businesses and to individuals. Rather than attack company networks directly, hackers find it much easier to invite company employees to provide them with the login credentials the hackers need. Business owners must keep their employees alert to such threats by educating them on how to react to phishing attacks. Phishing simulations can tell you which attack vectors would be most effective against your employees and which employees are most likely to fall victim. Armed with this information, you can enhance your anti-phishing training program to target the most likely attacks and the most vulnerable population. 

As important as education is, hackers are clever, and people still make mistakes. The wise course is to reinforce your education program with a powerful email security solution that keeps malicious emails from ever reaching their intended targets. Trustifi offers a world-class cloud-based email security system that detects and discards phishing emails, reducing the likelihood that these attacks reach your employees’ inboxes. Contact a Trustifi representative today to see a demo of their security solution in action and to learn how easily and affordably your small to mid-sized business can protect itself from phishing hackers.

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