Email Encryption Software

Email encryption software is an important tool for protecting all of your personal information. At Trustifi, we understand that security and convenience go hand-in-hand. If an email encryption software or service is difficult to use, it won’t be used. This leaves gaps in security that could otherwise be avoided.

Email Encryption Software From Trustifi

Trustifi addresses this issue with our single-click email encryption software. With Trustifi’s email encryption software, sending and receiving encrypted emails can all be accomplished with a single click of the button, providing the best email security in the industry.

With Trustifi, there is no need for either the sender or recipient to understand how email encryption works, how to set it up, or to exchange encryption keys. Rather, the Trustifi platform has been built from the bottom up to be as straightforward as possible, all while securing every email sent.

In contrast to other email encryption software providers, Trustifi’s Single Click Encryption is truly hassle-free. By integrating with the preferred email provider, Trustifi allows users to intuitively send encrypted emails with a single click of the button. Receiving encrypted emails is just as easy. Recipients can quickly open an encrypted email right from their inbox. And can securely reply via a fully encrypted channel with the click of a button, even if they don’t have Trustifi installed. The recipient can also easily upload any attachments and send them back encrypted.

Core Benefits

Trustifi’s email encryption platform with Single-Click Encryption is the easiest way to send and receive encrypted emails. If privacy is an important concern to you, you’ll understand how vital it is to protect sensitive data when it is in-transit. Trustifi utilizes advanced encryption for every email sent and received in the platform, providing access to encryption technology that directly integrates into a company’s preferred email provider.

The ease of use and flexibility of Trustifi's email encryption software makes it ideal for enterprise deployments. With a quick setup, all employees will be able to quickly and easily send, receive, and open encrypted emails.


Trustifi’s ease-of-use and advanced encryption make it the ideal encryption platform for industries where privacy and data security are a top priority. With features like Single-Click Encryption and Secure Reply, rest assured all users in the organization will find it hassle-free and easy to use for themselves and their recipients.

Trustifi’s advanced encryption and industry-leading functionality make it the encryption platform of choice if you work in industries that interact with and transmit sensitive data. Whether you work in the healthcare industry and have a regulatory obligation to secure electronically protected health information (e-PHI), or you work in the financial industry and must secure personally identifiable information (PII), Trustifi offers the combination of security and intuitive functionality to protect your client’s information at all times with our enterprise email encryption software.

Why Having Single-Click Email Encryption Software Matters

Trustifi’s Single-Click email encryption software offers the first truly seamless email encryption platform. Up until now, email encryption has always been difficult to set up, understand, and use. Alongside this difficulty, standard encryption methods require both the sender and recipient to exchange or share an encryption key. With Trustifi's simple message encryption platform, email security is convenient and easy.

In contrast to other available encryption methods, Trustifi’s revolutionary Single-Click Encryption allows users to easily send, receive, and open encrypted data within emails with a click of the button. Trustifi’s ease-of-use combined with its advanced encryption makes certain that every email sent and received is protected every time using their email encryption software.