What is Email Detection and Response (EMDR)?

What is Email Detection and Response (EMDR)?

Organizations continue to witness an increase in cybersecurity attacks against company assets, including employees, email systems, cloud-based applications, and client data depositories. Many of these attack vectors will arrive through the email channel as phishing emails with little response capabilities available.

Managing the Volume of Attacks
The number of email phishing attacks is in the billions. Many of these phishing attacks are successful in compromising individual and corporate users. Social engineering, a core phishing component, also grows as a very effective attack vector. Email communications, social media postings, and next-generation low-code application client-facing portals align with the organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Hackers and phishers leverage multiple contextual phishing attempts, smishing, imposter attacks, and vishing attacks to steal credentials, propagate ransomware, and filtrate client data from these new applications, portals, and social media platforms.

How will organizations scale up and out to handle the increase in attacks while simplifying the email security adaptive controls?

Moving to a Holistic Email Security Model 
Email security platform consolidation is the first initial critical step for organizations. Many security breaches happen because organizations have never transformed their security architectures past the traditional multi-vendor defense-in-depth strategy. Previously, adding layers to a security design helped organizations protect themselves in a single vendor’s source code became compromises; the defense-in-depth based on best-in-class technology proved to be a solid protection strategy. However, the cost to maintain this infrastructure, including licensing, human capital, and security devices, began a challenge for many small and medium-sized enterprise organizations.

By moving to a cloud-based holistic email security platform, clients took advantage of several integrated security adaptive controls in one management console, including anti-virus, antimalware, and email encryption.

Trustifi advanced email security with comprehensive protection

Trustifi’s consolidated strategy for email security combined several critical protection layers into one solution. Email and security teams can easily adjust the policies to stop phishing attacks, malicious links, business email compromise attacks, and suspicious attachments in emails, along with blocking outbound data exfiltration breaches caused by ransomware attacks.

Trustifi’s Inbound Shield imposes a layer of protection between your email system and the outside world. Inbound Shield readily identifies and blocks suspicious inbound emails using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning(ML), and dynamic engines.

  • The Trustifi Inbound Shield™ is cloud-based, easy to install, and doesn’t require any architecture changes. You get peace of mind that your emails are protected from suspicious emails and consent phishing attacks without any complex setup or concerns about missing email messages. Plus, it deploys in minutes, not days.
  • The Trustifi Outbound Shield automatically scans with an enhanced security engine and encrypts outgoing email messages according to administrators’ policies, so any emails that contain sensitive information are automatically secured.
  • Trustifi Account Compromise Detection Trustifi will immediately identify when an email account has been compromised across all departments, employees, and users.
  • The Trustifi One-click for compliance for encryption. With the One-Click Compliance tool, administrators can easily set the platform to screen emails to ensure they automatically comply with more than ten regulatory compliance guidelines, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GPDR, CCPA, NIST-800-53, FERPA, and ISO 27000 series.

Trustifi’s Email detection and response (EMDR) offers clients access to experts to assist with the implementation.

Partnering with an Email Managed Detection and Response(EMDR) Provider
A critical important for organizations to handle the increase in the volume of attacks is to have qualified cybersecurity engineers working 24 x 7 x 365 in the security operations center. Global companies struggle to hire and retain qualified engineers with experience in defending against cyber breaches. Many organizations will leverage email-managed detection and response companies like Trustifi to help augment their SecOps resources.

Trustifi Email Managed Detection and Response Service
Already a global leader in cloud-based email security, Trustifi offers a market-leading email-managed detection and response service. Looking for ways to get the most out of their subscription from Trustifi, organizations will leverage the EMDR service in various ways, including:

  • Complete 24 x 7 x 365 managed services, including setting up, rules creation, compliance configuration, and data loss prevention rules enablement.
  • After Hours and weekend email security operations coverage.
  • Escalation of incident response services with rapid response
  • Monthly reporting of all incidents, findings, actions taken, and recommendations

The Value of Trustifi EMDR Solution
Using Trustifi’s sophisticated, AI-powered email security solutions, the company’s EMDR personnel will review the network’s quarantined emails daily, assigning any suspicious emails with a security risk score while releasing legitimate messages. The team will ensure the user’s system complies with any regulations for its industry while creating customer data loss prevention and encryption rules to adhere to that business’ policies. Trustifi will maintain this optimized security environment for the client on an ongoing basis as per a monthly subscription.

Advanced Threat Defense
Trustifi continues to add capabilities to stop potential threats and protect critical assets with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and threat intelligence into its platform to help future-proof protection for its clients without adding additional complexity when enabling these new services.

Trustifi offers consolidated solution pricing to support small and midsize enterprise marketplaces. Trustifi requires fewer security operations, time allocation, and management resources. The solution is API based, not an appliance requiring a complex re-configuration of your email flow. Trustifi installs in minutes and requires no maintenance or upkeep.

As a global cybersecurity provider of both inbound and outbound email protection, Trustifi currently supports customers from countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the UK, the Netherlands, India, the UAE, China, Japan, Cyprus, the Philippines, and more. The company has also developed “One-Click Compliance” capabilities that cater to world security regulations, including PDPO for Hong Kong, POPI for South Africa, GDPR for Europe, and LGPD for Brazil.

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Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of protection in your existing email environment or a complete suite solution, the expertise and simplicity Trustifi offers will exceed your expectations. Let’s discuss a customized email security plan that fits your needs perfectly

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