Visibility & Transparency

Email Tracking

Full email tracking comes standard. You’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.

Proof of Delivery

Patented Postmark technology delivers timestamped proof of the entire email transmission which exceeds compliance requirements.

Save Time & Money

You can send 50 Postmarked certified emails delivered for the same cost as FedEx, UPS or Postal certified delivery.

Easy to Use

Installing Trustifi is easy, and using it is even easier. With over 100 Million Postmarked emails delivered around the world, Trustifi perfected the hassle free one-click system to send tracked emails. Nothing is required on the recipient end. They receive your tracked email like any other normal email. You sit back and receive real-time notification when emails have been opened and read. Send from Outlook or Gmail or use with online web access.

  • No special requirements or special software needed for recipients.
  • Send using your existing email address.
  • Creates a professional appearance while increasing productivity.

Full Visibility

With access to real-time delivery statistics there’s no more guessing. Trustifi’s Postmarked technology tracks email delivery, proves the exact message content and notifies the sender in real time, when emails have been opened and read, giving you the ability to follow up at precisely the right moment. Email messages sent with Trustifi provide answers to the most important questions: Was it delivered? When? Where? Who opened it? And on what device?

  • You’re notified when emails are opened so you can follow up.
  • No more certified postal mail and costly delivery services needed.
  • You have proof, so no more “I never received email,” claims.

Proof of Compliance

Trustifi’s patented Postmark email delivery system is a federally-accepted method for sending encrypted messages and documents online, which exceeds HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, PII privacy requirements. When an email is sent with Trustifi, the Postmarked technology provides 100% proof of certified e-delivery. When emails are opened and read you receive the real time verification proof, which serves as compliant proof of delivery should disputes ever occur.

  • Proving compliance is easy providing peace of mind.
  • Encrypted emails are just as simple to send as normal emails.
  • Cybersecurity solution that’s simple to use, yet impenetrable.

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