Trustifi Live Stream: How to Protect Your Business from the Hacking Cyber-Apocalypse

Oct. 28, 2017

10:00-11:00AM PST

Equifax. Deloitte. Yahoo. In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of some of the worst cyberattacks in recent history. The sheer scope of these hacks has affected business and consumer confidence throughout the whole world. Imagine the most sensitive, confidential and private information, on display to the public – or worse yet – sold to the highest bidder. Private passwords, SSN’s, medical records, bank statements, credit reports, contracts, anything of value to the right set of eyes is now up for grabs.

The threat of a cyber-apocalypse has finally become a clear and present danger to all of us, in any industry. In a special live streaming event, happening on Tuesday, October 31st, Trustifi CEO Idan Udi Edry will deliver a webinar on what individuals and companies can do to protect themselves from this very real threat.

A properly-executed hacked email server can dismantle businesses, destroy reputations and end livelihoods. The webinar will focus on what companies and individuals can do to protect their information through intensive email security, in the light of these recent cyberattacks.

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