Trustifi for Individuals

Trustifi has patented an affordable email security solution that encrypts, protects, tracks and postmarks all your emails, in just one click. As the simplest and most secure way to send messages that are easy to receive and open, it is the perfect all-in-one email service that works for every need.

Once added to Outlook, Gmail, or accessed via our online web portal, you compose an email message like any other and let Trustifi do the rest. Opening the encrypted email is also extremely easy. Trustifi requires no logins or redirects to a third party website to unencrypt secure content. Sent emails are tracked for delivery and you’re notified in real time when they’ve been read and opened for complete certified proof of email delivery.

Security & Protection

Trustifi works for you by automatically encrypting emails with sensitive content and warning you to fraudulent  emails.

Easy to Use

Trustifi perfected the hassle free one-click system to send end-to-end encrypted emails that are and easy to open.

Peace of Mind

No more guessing. Trustifi’s Postmarked technology tracks and proves delivery, content and when it’s been read.


Single-Click Encryption

One button click is all it takes to send a fully secure end-to-end encrypted email that’s easily opened by the recipient.


Two-Factor Authentication

A protective extra layer of security, ensuring your recipient is the only person with access to the sent email.


Secure Reply

Send encrypted emails enabled to be returned securely with a button click, for complete two-way encrypted communication.


Built-In Self Destruct

Easily recall, block, modify and set expirations for already sent and delivered emails for added measure of security.


Email Postmark

Patented proof of content and delivery, Trustifi’s Postmark is a federally-accepted method for sending documents online.


Communication Tracking

Full email visibility comes standard. You’re notified in real time when emails have been received, opened and read.


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