Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does Trustifi work with my existing email account(s)?

Absolutely! Trustifi was made to be used with your current email address and no new email account or additional software is needed. Trustifi has plug-ins and extensions for Outlook and Gmail that integrate the Trustifi features with your current email addresses, or you can sign up and use via our online web portal. All you have to do is sign-up for our service.

Do recipients of my emails also need to have Trustifi?

No. Only the sender needs to have a Trustifi account. In addition, Trustifi users can ensure the e- mails returned to them are secure by using our ENCRYPTED-REPLY™ option.

Who has access to the information inside my emails?

Only the sender and the recipient has access. And the recipient only has the access level that you grant. Trustifi does not have access to any of the text or attachments inside the email.

What is Postmark email technology?

Trustifi’s Patented Postmark technology returns to the sender proof of certified delivery with a timestamp of the exact time it was delivered, proof of the message content and the time the email is open.

What tracking data does Trustifi provide?

The tracking analytics Trustifi provides details of the time the email was sent, delivered, the message content and exact time the email was opened and read. Plus a mapped location of where the email was opened.

Do the recipients of emails sent with Trustifi know the email is being Postmarked and tracked?

That depends on the sender’s preference. By default the email will be “stamped” with Trustifi’s recognizable markings, informing the recipient that the email was delivered tracked and Postmarked. If you prefer, you can send without markings and the recipient will not know the email has been tracked. It will look no different than any normal email in appearance, however you still receive all the tracking information and analytics.

Select Enterprise customers have the option to customize the stamped markings by adding their company’s logo and branding identification.

Are the recipients of encrypted emails sent via Trustifi able to reply encrypted, even though they don’t have Trustifi?

Yes, the technology in which the encrypted email is delivered, the sender has the option, or can “force,” the recipient to reply via ENCRYPTED-REPLY™, even though they don’t have Trustifi installed.

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