Corporate Email Security Solutions

Safeguard your corporate email and stop targeted cyber threats

You can’t protect what you don’t secure. Corporate email security should be among your top concerns as a large business.

Enterprise Solutions for Email Security

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Protect your corporation from advanced cyber threats

Trustifi protects organizations against spam, phishing and spoofing schemes, ransomware and other malware, and sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) fraud threats. Phishing schemes are increasingly hard to detect, and the cost to businesses can be millions of dollars annually.

  • Virus detection, prevention, protection, and alerting
  • Fraud protection
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting options
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Prevent corporate email data loss and accidental leaks

Along with the most secure encryption available, Trustifi provides visibility and transparency with patented Postmarked certified delivery that’s fully compliant with federal communication privacy laws. Trustifi tracks all email communications, providing answers to the most important questions: Was it delivered? When? Where? Who opened it? And on what device?

  • 100% compliant with federal communication privacy laws, including HIPAA/HITECH, PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA, and more
  • Know in real time when emails have been received, opened, and read with certified delivery and tracking
  • Two-factor authentication on the recipient (even without registering)
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Easily send and receive encrypted emails

One button click is all it takes to send a fully secure, NSA-grade encrypted email that’s easily opened by the recipient. Send encrypted emails enabled to be returned securely, for complete two-way encrypted communication. And do it from any device.

  • NSA-grade encryption, with full inbound and outbound protection
  • Secure mobile relay
  • Advanced options like recalling, blocking, modifying, and setting expirations for already sent and delivered emails

Benefits of Using Trustifi


Eliminate multiple vendor costs to protect one line of communication.

Easy to Use

It’s simple: one-click encryption/decryption for the sender and the recipient.


Trustifi is built on the AWS platform, eliminating on-premise hardware and a single point of failure.

Open API

Streamline your operations, with zero disruption to your existing technology stack.

Company Branding

White-label encrypted email to recipients. They'll see your logo, brand, and style when opening encrypted emails.

Training & Support

You’ll get 24/7 technical support along with continuous training for new and existing users.

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