PERSONAL Email Security

Easily Protect Your Personal Email:

  • Safe from send to receive
  • Straightforward single-click encryption
  • Built-in self-destruct feature
  • Recipient Notified Via Text Message (Two-factor authentication)
  • Encrypted email storage
  • No complicated software
  • Easy to use with AOL, GMAIL, Yahoo
  • Start typing sensitive content – it tells you
  • Patented tracking capabilities that provide court-recognized legal proof of sending
  • Send 100 emails a month for the price of a latte!

Your Personal Email Needs Encryption. Hacking! Spies! Breaches!

We know you hear about them every day. Big companies are getting hacked.  So what can you do, from home, to protect yourself?

Have you thought about that email you just sent?  If the information in it got stolen, what would happen?

For the price of a latte, add Trustifi email security and send emails confidentially. It’s easy to use. Nothing to install.

Here are a few more tips to keep you safe.

  • Install virus and malware software
  • Make sure you have a hardware and software firewall
  • Use strong passwords and change them frequently.

It only takes one stolen email to ruin your credit.

Email is vulnerable and its security usually comes as an afterthought. The fallout is inconceivable. You have to prove you are you and fight with credit bureaus to reinstate your name. 

Protecting your email doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let us make it simple.

  • Financial Records

  • School Records

  • Medical Records

  • Credit Card Information

  • Email Equivalent of Certified Mail