Secure Reply

At Trustifi, we understand that if security is inconvenient, it won’t be used. That’s why we set out to make the most convenient email encryption platform available. In the past, if someone wanted to complete two-way encryption between themselves and their recipient, both users had to set up the same encryption software.

The Trustifi Difference

With other email encryption providers, the emails a sender delivers is encrypted but when the recipient replied to the emails, it is no longer secured by encryption. This leaves a significant gap in the protection of information that you went to great lengths to protect when sending it in the first place.

With Trustifi’s Secure Reply, users no longer have to worry that a reply to an encrypted email containing sensitive information will be returned encrypted. Simply put, Trustifi’s Secure Reply offers a fully two-way encrypted channel to ensure a secure message no matter what.

Trustifi’s Secure Reply feature is hassle-free and easy to use. The individual who receives an encrypted email will simply reply to the email directly. When the reply is sent, it is automatically encrypted on its way back to the original sender--that’s it! Trustifi’s Secure Email feature doesn’t require the recipient to be a Trustifi user for replies to be encrypted. There are no downloads or need to enter login information. This allows anyone to reply to an email sent through Trustifi with the knowledge that sensitive information will receive the same advanced email protection that it was delivered with.

Core Benefits

Trustifi’s Secure Reply can be summed up in one word: seamless. With Secure Reply, recipients who were sent an encrypted email can continue to protect their private information and easily send an encrypted reply without taking any additional steps. Again, the recipient doesn’t even need to be a Trustifi user. And no downloads or login information required.

This gives the email sender peace of mind to know that two-way encryption is conveniently accessible to every email recipient. With no external programs or extra steps required, the reply to every email you send with Trustifi’s will be protected by the same advanced encryption software trusted by security professionals and enterprise businesses around the world.


Trustifi’s Secure Reply feature is ideal for business environments in any industry that transmits sensitive data via email. Protecting sensitive information including personally identifiable information (PII) and electronically protected health information (e-PHI) is not simply important, but required in many industries. Trustifi’s technology is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant so whether the organization is healthcare, the financial sector, the legal industry, or real estate, Secure Reply ensures that the transmission of sensitive information across email will always be encrypted in both directions.

Why It Matters

In nearly all industries, the protection of sensitive information is a critical operational consideration with HIPAA and GDPR compliance already mandatory in many industries. Encryption is a front-line defense against unwanted access to sensitive information being transmitted across open networks, yet email encryption has yet to gain wide adoption by many businesses and the general public.

While users have control over whether sensitive information is encrypted on the way to a client or end-user, most recipients won’t encrypt their reply. This leaves sensitive data unprotected and vulnerable to unwanted access just waiting to be intercepted by the wrong hands.

There’s no more worry about whether replies to emails containing sensitive information are protected. Encrypted emails sent to clients containing or requesting sensitive information will automatically be encrypted when a reply is sent. This encryption includes any attachment the recipient may have added to their replies, such as a W-2 or medical record information.

With Trustifi’s Secure Reply, information moves between you and your clients quickly, securely, and seamlessly. With two-way encryption provided by Secure Reply, you’ll be confident that your client’s sensitive information is always protected using the most advanced encryption available. Thanks to Trustifi, you can send secure emails without worry.