Secure Email Relay

Up until now, if anyone wanted to securely encrypt and transmit emails they had to make a choice between security and convenience. As today’s business is increasingly being done on mobile devices, security has been taking a back seat to convenience, and email encryption solutions have largely remained in the realm of desktop computing.

The Trustifi Difference

With the introduction of Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay feature, you no longer a choice between security and on-the-go convenience. It’s one and the same. Secure Email Relay brings our industry-leading email encryption to your mobile device of choice as well as to desktop computing.

Untethered from a desktop computer, users are able to securely send, receive, and reply to emails containing sensitive and private information just like normal without any additional apps to install or steps to complete. With support for popular mail providers like Gmail and Outlook, emails containing sensitive data are securely delivered without ever leaving your preferred email application.

Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay offers unmatched security with unparalleled convenience. Secure Email Relay automatically encrypts all emails sent based on whether they contain sensitive information and allows encrypted emails to be sent from any device.

Secure Email Relay by Trustifi makes sending and receiving encrypted emails on a mobile device as easy as possible. With Secure Email Relay, confidential emails can be sent via Trustifi’s software and when sensitive content is identified, it will be encrypted before being delivered to the recipient.

Core Benefits

Secure Email Relay enables total control over what is encrypted. With Secure Email Relay, a user can send and receive emails just like normal. Your email will automatically be encrypted based on the words, number strings, and phrases that are contained in the email.

Trustifi’s powerful and intelligent data sensitivity detection, classification, and scoring feature acts in real time as an email message is being composed (subject, content, and attachments). This feature provides a configurable policy enforcement option that automatically encrypts sensitive emails before a sender unintentionally sends it unencrypted.

This feature is based on a proprietary knowledge base of sensitive information types and enables customization as needed. Information types include a rich variety of classification features, such as credit card sequences, keywords (passwords, product keys and so on), identification numbers (Social Security, passport, etc.), financial information (bank account, investment account numbers, etc.), and more. Admins and users are also able to set the specific words and phrases that are common to their industry to ensure that their email message is encrypted when needed.


Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay is the ideal feature for any number of industries that prioritize the security of sensitive information. In modern business environments, security and mobility no longer have to be opposed because Trustifi ensures safe email delivery no matter what device you are using.

Whether the healthcare industry, financial industry, legal industry, or real estate industry, Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay will allow confidential transmission of sensitive information from any mobile device or desktop computer with the knowledge that it is protected by Trustifi’s encryption services.

Why It Matters

One of the foremost challenges in today’s business environment is securing the transmission of sensitive data from mobile and desktop computing assets. The integration of a number of mobile devices into day-to-day enterprise business environments has substantially increased the attack surface area for malicious actors.

To date, securely sending and receiving emails containing sensitive information has been unwieldy and inconvenient. With Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay feature, this is no longer the case. Every email containing sensitive information is automatically encrypted, giving the freedom and flexibility to choose when, where, and from what device sensitive information is transmitted from.

The bottom line is that Trustifi’s Secure Email Relay ensures private communications remain private for both outbound and inbound. So whether you send an email or receive one, you can count on Trustifi to keep it secure.