Hassle-Free Office 365 Security

One click email encryption & decryption for Office 365

Risk Mitigation

Protect Office 365 against spam, malware, and phishing attacks.

Recipient Friendly

No complicated processes or account creation.

Custom Made

Tailored to  your infrastructure—not the other way around.

Fastest Deployment

No in-house expert needed. Deploys in as little as 5 minutes—30 at most.

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Strong email security shouldn’t slow down the pace of business. Microsoft Office 365 users enjoy being able to work anywhere with ease, but organizations have to ensure that sensitive data transfer is always protected.

With Trustifi, organizations can…

  • Meet Internal, Industry, & Regulatory Compliance
  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Prevent Data Leakage

…all without placing the burden on end users.

Failing to secure your email isn’t an option when reputational damage and fines are the repercussions.

Even when email senders forget to encrypt messages, Trustifi protects your business operations with automatic encryption based on customizable rules.

Recipients think it’s a hassle to decrypt? Not anymore. Trustifi never requires an account, just one click decrypts and opens messages.


Hassle-free security means everyone’s happy. Trustifi makes it happen with our feature-rich solution.

Advanced Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption provides U.S. military- and government-grade protection. Yet, flexible enough to work on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Postmarked Delivery

Better than Certified Delivery--see when an item is delivered, who views it, and on what device.

Two-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security to ensure only intended recipients can access an item.

Secure Reply

Error-proof controls automatically encrypt replies for true, two-way encryption.

One-Click Decryption

Security without the hassle. Recipients never have to create an account to access encrypted messages.

Continuous Analysis & Quarantine

Messages are continuously analyzed to protect from sophisticated actors and quarantined if determined to be malicious.