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September. 05, 2020

3:00-4:00AM PST

For businesses looking to keep their networks and sensitive, private data protected, email security is crucial. And the issue of email security only continues to grow more significant as organizations become more dependent on email, which is now widely considered the primary form of professional communication. Effective in preventing both incoming and internal email threats from damaging business networks, “Secure Email Gateways” (SEGs) can significantly improve upon a business’s email security measures. One such SEG vendor is Mimecast, which is best suited to organizations mid-sized or larger, accommodating businesses with more than 250 users. Mimecast offers users numerous advanced email security features like reporting, as well as protection against viruses, phishing, and spam. However, Trustifi provides an alternative option of email security, putting forth a comprehensive suite of email tools for advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and enterprise email encryption. With its user-friendly email-encryption software, Trustifi is unrivaled in its ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. 


Having found popularity amongst larger organizations, Mimecast is an email security provider that provides customers with strong social engineering security, particularly against malicious attacks such as phishing and impersonation style attacks. Highly customizable, Mimecast also offers impressive spam protections. With a robust, comprehensive reporting system that supplies users with increased visibility of both email security and volume, Mimecast provides a user-friendly email security solution.


Easily and quickly deployable on Gmail/GSuite, Outlook, and virtually any email server, Trustifi is the most comprehensive, convenient, and easy-to-use email security solution on the market. Trustifi provides organizations with top-notch advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, encryption, and real-time reporting and tracking. Operating as an extra layer of protection, Trustifi can seamlessly boost an email provider’s existing security measures and give users full control over email security. Trustifi is an incredibly versatile and customizable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of each organization, helping to minimize human error and maintain user security.

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Features Breakdown

It can be challenging to determine which email security solution will best suit your organization’s needs. When looking to make the most advantageous choice for your organization, it can be beneficial to learn about the fundamental elements supplied by a reliable email security provider, such as features and cost.

Threat Detection

As one of the most central characteristics of a comprehensive email security solution or SEG, exhaustive threat protection is undoubtedly a critical feature. Both Mimecast and Trustifi offer users an expansive selection of threat protection features. Moreover, each of these solutions is more effective than Office 365, particularly in terms of their abilities to block viruses, spam, and other malicious content successfully.

Providing “AV sandboxing (powered by LastLine), URL scanning (powered by Vade Secure) and URL reputation checking,” Mimecast leverages third party threat intelligence vendors to fuel their threat protection efforts. On the other hand, Trustifi controls and operates a broad set of advanced threat protection offerings. Trustifi also offers a range of blacklisting and whitelisting options. Expertly detecting malware, ransomware, spoofing, phishing, and fraud, Trustifi prevents, protects, and alerts organizations of all potential malicious attacks that may try to damage or steal valuable data and information. 

Spam Filtering

Stopping spam in its tracks is another essential element of email security. And both Mimecast and Trustifi do well to tackle the issue of spam, providing businesses with options for comprehensive spam filtering. Along with inbound and outbound spam protection, Mimecast offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that promises to catch 99% of spam before it can find its way to your organization’s email inboxes. Similarly, Trustifi commits to detecting spam before it can reach your inbox.

Admin Features

A robust selection of admin features is incredibly essential for admins, assisting them in preventing and remedying email security breaches. Both Mimecast and Trustifi can be easily incorporated with Office 365 and Outlook thanks to Azure Active Directory integration, allowing all users to sync to either the Mimecast or Trustifi platform automatically.

In addition to Single Sign-On, per-user policy management, and self-service security options, Mimecast empowers system admins to control extensive file-sharing capabilities fully. And Mimecast presents complex routing scenarios that enable enterprises with several globally distributed mail servers to send mail to the server most local to the user. Alternatively, with seamless integration as an add-on to a user’s Gmail or Outlook, Trustifi does not necessitate any technical admins. 


Critical to email security, reporting assists admins to pinpoint the source of threats and, as a result, take stronger action to address and rectify them. Mimecast delivers PDF reports which detail all inbound and outbound emails, as well as per user reports and breakdowns. These reports enable admins to gather more minute, specific information about individual users and groups. Taking things a step further, Trustifi provides real-time reports notifying users when emails have been received, opened, and read.

End-User Features

End-user self-service features work to assist end-users in maintaining productivity, allowing them to recover lost emails, free emails from quarantines, and block or authorize unique senders and recipients. Mimecast sends end-users an email digest, which notes any emails that spam filtering features have blocked. Instant replay capabilities, which only exist on Mimecast for 14 days, allow users to retrieve lost or accidentally deleted emails. Mimecast also permits end-users to restore emails, as well as to send and block specific recipients and senders. However, with Trustifi, users can recall, block, modify, and set expirations for already sent and delivered emails at any time. 

Data Loss Prevention

A key feature of email security, data loss prevention is most definitely not an area to overlook. Both Mimecast and Trustifi offer email encryption tools, which are critical to a comprehensive approach to data loss prevention. However, Mimecast only offers email encryption as an ad add-on service that comes at an additional cost, whereas Trustifi supplies users with easy and cost-effective encryption options. Trustifi equips its customers with NSA-grade end-to-end email encryption, with full inbound and outbound protection. Furthermore, Trustifi provides two-factor authentication on the recipient (even without registering). Trustifi also supplies secure mobile relay for complete protection on any device. And 100% compliant with guidelines and regulations like HIPAA/HITECH, PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA, etc., Trustifi expertly protects all user data.

Pricing Breakdown

Cost is understandably an important factor for those determining which email security solution will best meet the needs of their organization. Mimecast is a costly option, more expensive than many of its competitors. And Mimecast charges a set-up fee for their products, as well as extra fees for technical support. Conversely, Trustifi is an extremely cost-effective option, offering data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, and encryption services at a fraction of their typical costs. And as a cloud-based email security solution, Trustifi provides all of the convenience and money-saving benefits of the cloud. Trustifi understands that each business has its unique security needs and will work with you to customize the most effective solution for your organization. Visit Trustifi’s website today for a quick, free quote!

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