Millenials: Time to Give Privacy a LB

By Trustifi on Mar 11 2017

TL:DR For real, digital privacy is important AF.

We  spend approximately all of our waking hours connected to social media. Our entire lives are out there, so most of us don’t even think twice about digital security. Or, if we do think about it, we think “what’s the point?”

A recent graduate of George Mason University recently said, “There is no longer such a thing as privacy and it’s a little scary but honestly inevitable. I’m not sure if it’s reasonable to be worried anymore because it’s already out there.”  Natalie isn’t a rogue millennial either. According to a recent study, just 2 in 10 Millennials worry about digital privacy most of the time.

But all of that time we spend connected, we spend connected to peer generated content. These are people we have at least a passing familiarity with. So what’s the big deal?

Your digital life can hurt you.

What you put out there for the world to see can not only hurt your career prospects, but it can affect your entire life by giving hackers clues about your life – clues they need to answer security questions. These same clues can also help them phish your accounts and take control of your entire digital life , credit report, and entire identity.

TBH Your digital life affects you IRL too.

You need decent credit for everything from getting an apartment to getting car insurance. Sometimes, you need decent credit to get a job. If a cybercriminal – or just someone throwing some cyber shade your way – gets a hold of your digital life, they can (and will) get a hold of your credit. It can take months before you know that your stellar 750 credit scored just dipped to 550, and even longer to fix it.


By that time, you’re back couch surfing at your mom’s house. And that’s not a good look.


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