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    With Trustifi, organizations can…

    • Meet Internal, Industry, & Regulatory Compliance
    • Protect Sensitive Information
    • Prevent Data Leakage

    Strong email security shouldn’t slow down the pace of business. Users enjoy being able to work anywhere with ease, but organizations have to ensure that sensitive data transfer is always protected.

    …all without placing the burden on end users.

    Failing to secure your email isn’t an option when reputational damage and fines are the repercussions.

    Even when email senders forget to encrypt messages, Trustifi protects your business operations with automatic encryption based on customizable rules.

    Recipients think it’s a hassle to decrypt? Not anymore. Trustifi never requires an account, just one click decrypts and opens messages.



    Trustifi is more than just another email encryption service, it’s a must-have cyber security tool.  Not only does it encrypt your outgoing email, but it scans all incoming emails, including links and attachments for malicious content.  Most importantly, its one-click access is easy to use for both the sender and the recipient.
    Trustifi has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have provided my company  with top notch customer service at all times. In addition, they have an awesome product- best in-class email security for all types of businesses. Our clients love how easy it is to use and deploy, and so do we!
    Trustifi has been a perfect solution for me as a small business owner.  I am able to be in compliance with state and federal confidentiality regulations for an affordable price.  The Trustifi tech team has gone out of their way to ensure that I am able to utilize the service and feel comfortable with it.  They have been amazing through the process of helping me run Trustifi on Apple products, I am not the most computer literate person and they were so patient and helpful! I absolutely love the product and would recommend it to anyone. 
    There is a high demand to send sensitive information with private details in my job.  Trustifi provides a secure, efficient and cost effective way to send sensitive information to clients and colleagues. Also, by using Trustifi, digital documents can be sent securely with US Post Office validation…just with a few clicks! Wow!
    “Blue Ocean Law Group ™ nearly gave up trying to find a workable way of securing our standard email correspondence. Our client’s privacy is paramount, yet before we discovered Trustifi the alternative solutions we looked at appeared to require them to hold the equivalent a master’s degree in cryptology in order to be able to decrypt our emails. Trustifi has the email decryption pain point solved! It’s so simple, it even works with our most non-tech savvy clients.  The clincher is that it allows us to ensure our brand is presented professionally.”