A Variety of Settings and Options


With plenty of settings and options, no matter what your security need is, Trustifi has the features to assist.


Encryption needs are unique and not one size fits all, so your email encryption service shouldn’t be either.

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Select Enterprise customers have access to company branding and product white labeling. Plus on-on-one team training.


The Most Encryption Options

The range of capabilities with the ease-of-use sets Trustifi apart from other encryption services. We believe that security, affordability, flexibility, and ease-of-use are paramount for success and any company dealing with highly sensitive information can be assured that your information will be treated with the absolute highest level of confidentiality and security for complete peace of mind. Trustifi simply works.

  • Email Self Destruct, Recall, Expiration Dates: Set a predefined expiration date, where after a certain date recipient no longer has access to encrypted email and attachment.
  • One-Time Open: Allow recipient to open the encrypted email and attachment just one time.
  • Block Access to Email and Attachment: Deny recipient access to encrypted email and attachment after sending.
  • Modify after Delivery: Edit and change the message both before and after the email has been opened.

Variety of Options

In addition to all of Trustifi’s core features, we are always adding more useful security options, such as:

  • Printing Options: Set restrictions on whether or not you want the recipient to have the ability to print and/or set to receive a notification when an email has been printed.
  • Metadata removal: Automatically removes all metadata, such as the date of its last modification, the host name on which it was last opened, etc.
  • Encryption Identification: Emails can be sent with the default Trustifi markings identifying the email was sent encrypted, or sent or without any markings at all. In addition, Trustifi enables select enterprise customers the ability to customize your own email branding, including logo and more.

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