Easy Secure Integration with Open API

Simple Set Up

Business customers can easily integrate our technology, via Open API, into their proprietary hosted and on-premise email systems.

Streamline Operation

Break free from inflexible custom code and maximize business agility so your team can focus on what they do best.

Secure Environment

Trustifi makes it easy to integrate our encryption and security technology into your hosted and on-premise email systems.


Best-in-Class Integration Technology

Trustifi has earned our position as a trusted partner by delivering superior solutions. The benefits of a reliable, stable technology for increased security and stability is priceless and when security plugins don’t meet the needs of enterprise companies, because they require better security controls, there’s Trustifi! Trustifi Open API integration technology enables your organization to be more productive and efficient, allowing the ability to work in one system, versus two, when it comes to email security. And because of the tight integration, it's easy for companies to pull reports however and whenever needed, all from within their own system


Connecting the Best in Technology

Large enterprise companies understand they are targets and thus, have the need to house their security infrastructure in a controlled environment. Trustifi brings the power of seamless integration for enterprise customers. Integrating with Trustifi’s email security technology ensures your team can focus on what they do best, without ever having to worry about compliance regulations or if the data they send will ever be intercepted or breached. The knowledge and tenure of our deployment team will give you confidence that you’ll be up and running in no time.


Flexible Code for Your Needs

Break free from inflexible integration code that causes IT staff more problems than it solves. Other email security companies, if they offer integration at all, offer their subpar technology that is clunky, from disparate code pieced together from freelance developers based all over the world. Trustifi’s Open API code was developed in house, by Trustifi’s security team of experts with ease of integration in mind, but security as the #1 focus. With easy to follow online documentation and one-on-one support, Trustifi's REST API allows Trustifi's users to perform all the security operations we offer, by using simple REST requests/responses.


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