Encrypt On The Go

Untethered Encryption

Your life is mobile and the ability to encrypt needs to be too. With Trustifi - it is. Send secure emails from anywhere.

Hassle Free

Send encrypted emails from your mobile device just like you would send any other email. It’s that simple.

Business Security

Mobile encryption prevents hacks and ensures companywide email policy enforcement is maintained, satisfying compliance regulations.


Enterprise Mobile Encryption

Work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Trustifi ensures you’re always protected – Automatically. No matter where you are. Enterprise customers now enjoy the same level of easy email security whether they’re in the office sending encrypted emails from their office desktop, on their laptop or on the road doing business by mobile phone. From a user experience, nothing changes. If your work email is already set up on your on your phone, then all the heavy lifting is already done. There is no software to install and you continue using your work email address just as you always have. Just send just like the 100’s of other standard emails sent from your phone.


On-the-Go Security

Trustifi’s proprietary one-of-a-kind Sensitive Information Detection technology will analyze and classify the sender’s composed emails and assess a sensitivity score, just like it does for emails being sent from office desktops. If Trustifi detects a variety of PII classification features or keywords, the email being sent from the mobile device will automatically be sent in the most secure encrypted manner possible. Senders won’t know the difference and recipients will receive the encrypted email right to their inbox, just like any other secure email sent with Trustifi.


Companywide Policy Enforcement

Automatic encryption of emails sent via cell phone and mobile devices prevents hacks and data breaches over spoofed or public wi-fi, where cyber criminals are looking to steal private information. Mobile protection is priceless and ensures companywide email policy enforcement is always maintained, satisfying compliance regulations. Remember, if the encryption process is cumbersome for either the sender or recipient, it simply won't happen. With Trustifi, your team simply composes an email and hits ‘send’ like normal. Our content filtering technology takes care of the rest. If the email contains PII of sensitive information, the email will be sent encrypted automatically.


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