Ease of Use

Click of a Button

Delivering secure email is simple. You just compose an email just like any other and click encrypt when it’s ready to send.

Happy Recipients

Recipients like that encrypted emails are delivered hassle free and easy to open. No account setup or registration required.

Peace of Mind

Automatically sent in the most secure method with delivery proof, messages are easily returned all within a secure environment.


No Roadblocks to Begin Using

Installing Trustifi is simple and using it is even easier. If you know how to click a button you know how to use Trustifi. There’s no obligation to begin and you can be up and running within less than 2 minutes – It’s that easy! Once emails are sent you sit back and wait for real-time notification when emails have been opened and read. Send from Outlook, Gmail or via online web access. You compose an email like any other and let Trustifi do the rest.

  • No special requirements or special software needed for recipients.
  • Send using your existing email address.
  • Creates a professional appearance while increasing productivity.

Simple to Read Analytics

With access to real-time delivery statistics there’s no more guessing. Trustifi’s Postmarked technology tracks email delivery, proves the exact message content and notifies the sender in real time, when emails have been opened and read, giving you the ability to follow up at precisely the right moment. Email messages sent with Trustifi provide answers to the most important questions: Was it delivered? When? Where? Who opened it? And on what device?

  • You’re notified when emails are opened so you can follow up.
  • No more certified postal mail and costly delivery services needed.
  • You have proof, so no more “I never received your email,” claims.

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