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The fact is every organization emails sensitive data from secret recipes in the food industry, to pharmaceutical trial data, stock and shareholder news, case information, policyholder data, the Social Security Numbers of employees, the door codes for storage areas, passwords for servers, to routing and account numbers for banking, this type of information gets shared with individuals both within and outside of the company.

It only takes one stolen email to ruin your business and its reputation: something difficult to recover from.

The fallout from organizational espionage is inconceivable. Yet email is distinctly vulnerable and its security comes as an afterthought.

Protecting emails that travel both within your organization and outside of it doesn’t have to be difficult or require your IT department to reconfigure your existing infrastructure.

Let us make it simple.

Common Use Cases:

M&A, Corporate Development – Accelerate strategic deal dialogue within M&A team with executive team, legal, finance, BOD. Insure you have the information advantage to drive the best terms and decisions.

Candid, open communications with Executive peers and Board Members
Pre-released financial information
M&A discussions
Intellectual property/Patent content
Executives traveling overseas
Crisis management

Executives, BOD – Accelerate strategic collaboration and brainstorming that needs to be contained at executive level until its becomes a go forward plan or systems of record

PR Management – Provide a fast, secure and contained messaging platform to enable PR to get front of potential and emerging issues, announcements, and crises, to deliver the company’s vision and position in the most effective, responsible, and compelling manner.

Marketing – Collaborate on plans, announcements, responses to competition, within marketing and with key corporate stakeholders and insure that dialogue, with its sensitive content, is secure and contained to those participants until that team or leader is ready to share it with a larger audience.

Management -Collaborate with on changes in strategy, reorganizations, personnel shifts, outsourcing, insourcing, supplier strategies, etc. in a fully secure, immediate and contained manner no mater where they are located.

Legal – Collaborate within legal, with executives, and HR quickly in a fully secure, discrete, and contained manner. Crisis management

Do You Have Email Security With:

  • An end-to-end secure environment
  • Straightforward single-click encryption
  • Built-in self-destruct feature
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Encrypted email archiving
  • No complicated software
  • System agnostic responsive design ensuring exceptional UX
  • Sensitive content detection
  • Flexible archiving
  • Patented tracking capabilities that provide court-recognized legal proof of sending
  • Affordable, customizable pricing