Email Encryption & Security

Easy to Use

Trustifi perfected the hassle free one-click system to send military grade encrypted emails that are easy to receive and open.

Proof Of Compliance

Trustifi’s patented, Postmarked Email® service is a federally accepted method of proving compliant email delivery.

Fraud Protection

Protection for individuals and organizations from malware, ransomware, and costly phishing schemes, via incoming email.

Easy to Send

You can’t protect what you don’t secure. Trustifi uses AES-256 bit encryption, approved by the NSA (National Security Agency) for top-secret information, and makes sending encrypted emails easy. Because if the encryption process is cumbersome for either the sender or recipient, it won’t get done. Trustifi is the easiest encryption method possible. Just on-click of a button. And if you forget, Trustifi encrypts automatically if the message contains identified private information.

  • Send with your existing email address just like any other email.
  • Encrypted emails are sent via the easiest delivery method.
  • Trustifi does not store or have access to your private emails.

Easy to Receive

Remember, your recipients may not be familiar with encrypted email. With direct delivery right to the recipients inbox, receiving and opening an encrypted email via Trustifi is extremely easy for them. No logins or redirects to a third party website to access encrypted content. Recipients can also easily reply back to senders encrypted, via a fully encrypted channel, even if they don’t have Trustifi, with the ability to add attachments.

  • Secure email delivered right to a recipients inbox, ready to open.
  • Easy to reply encrypted.
  • Recipients don’t need to also be Trustifi users.

Full set of Encryption features

Not all encryption needs are the same, so Trustifi offers a full suite of customizable encryption options. Trustifi enables you to define expiration dates for emails and their attachments and/or to block access to previously sent emails of its attachments at any time. Trustifi provides an email recall feature and you can change the email content after it has been delivered – both before or after it has been opened. Other options include:

  • Email Self Destruct.
  • One Time Only Access.
  • Preset Expiration Date.

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