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From a URL

Step 1

In your Outlook client, click on “File” (top right corner) and then click on “Manage Add-ins” at the bottom of the “Info” tab (scroll all the way down).

Accessing the "Manage add-ins" section

Step 2

At this point a browser window will open and you will be taken to the “Manage add-ins” page. You may need to log in to your Outlook account.

Click on the "My add-ins" and scroll down to the "Custom add-ins" section.

From here, click on "Add a custom add-in" and select "Add from a URL..." from the menu.

Selecting installation from URL

Step 3

Enter the following URL in the input field - https://oaddin.trustifi.com/manifest.xml

Click on “OK” and approve installing the add-in.

Information! A warning will be displayed to let you know this add-in is not verified. This is only because you are installing the add-in through a URL and not from the Microsoft store. The Trustifi add-in is verified with Microsoft and completely safe to use.
Finishing installation from a URL

Step 4

Return to the Outlook client, the Trustifi add-in will appear on the top ribbon.

Information! In some cases, you may need to close and re-open your Outlook client in order to see the add-in.
The Trustifi add-in after installation
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