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Deployment in Office 365

Information! The instructions below apply specifically to the new Office365 admin center. In older versions some steps may be different.

Step 1

Go to https://admin.microsoft.com and log in with admin credentials.

Then, click on "Settings" > "Integrated Apps" and click on the "Add-ins" link at the top of the page.

Navigating to "Add-ins" in the O365 admin center

Step 2

In the "Add-ins" section, click on "Deploy Add-in" to open the deployment wizard and click on "Next".

Starting the add-in deployment process

Step 3

In the "Deploy a new add-in" window, choose from the following options:

    • "Choose from the store" if you want to install the add-in from the Microsoft add-in store.
    • "Upload custom apps" if you want to install the add-in from a URL or manifest file.


Choosing between store and custom apps

Step 4

If you selected the option to add an add-in from the store, search for “Trustifi” in the store’s built-in search bar and click to add.


    Step 5

    If you chose to upload a custom app, you can choose between installing the add-in from a manifest file or from a URL.

    To to use a manifest file, download this file  (right click and "Save link as".

    To use a URL, enter this URL - https://oaddin.trustifi.com/manifest.xml.


      Selecting installation via file or URL

      Step 6

      Once the add-in has been installed, you will need to select how to deploy it to your users.

      Under "Assign users", you can select to deploy the add-in to "Everyone", to "Specific users/groups" or "Just me".

      Under "Deployment method" you can choose between the following:

      "Fixed (Default)" - The add-in will be automatically deployed to the assigned users and they will not be able to remove it from their ribbon.

      "Available" - The add-in will not be deployed, but users may install it manually from the add-in store.

      "Optional" - The add-in will be automatically deployed to the assigned users but they can choose to remove it from their ribbon.


        Choosing deployment options
        Information! The actual deployment process is usually quick, but can take up to 24 hours to complete depending on the amount of users.
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