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Deployment in MS Exchange 2013/2016

Step 1

Log in to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) using admin credentials.

Step 2

Select Organization > Apps (Exchange 2013) or Organization > Add-ins (Exchange 2016)

Step 3

Select the add icon (+) and choose one of the following options:

Step 4

If you selected the option to add an add-in from the Office Store, search for “Trustifi” in the store’s built-in search bar and click to add.

Step 5

If you selected the option to add from a file/URL, a warning may be displayed to let you know this add-in is not verified.

This is only because you are installing the add-in through a URL and not from the Microsoft store.

The Trustifi add-in is verified with Microsoft and completely safe to use.

Step 6

Click Install/Save. When the installation is completed, the Trustifi add-in will be shown on the add-ins list.

Note that by default, the new add-in is disabled.

Information! Depending on how many users the add-in was deployed for, this process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Step 7

To enable the add-in, you need to double-click it or use the edit (pencil icon) button, choose the option that best matches your preferences, and save the configuration.

We recommend setting the configuration to “Optional, enabled by default”.

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