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Smart Whitelisting Process

The process of whitelisting senders has now become much more secure, so you can whitelist your trusted contacts without exposing your organization to spoofing and impersonation attacks.

Thanks to Trustifi’s smart whitelisting process, you will no longer need to compromise between productivity and security, without any additional configuration on your end.

How does it work?

Whenever you whitelist a sender’s email address, Trustifi will create a unique signature for this sender. Then, when an email is received from this address, Trustifi will compare the email attributes to the signature we have on record.

If the signature matches, then (and only then) the sender will be treated as a trusted and whitelisted contact.

Signature mismatch

If the received email’s signature does not match the signature we have on record, the email will be labeled as suspicious - a possible impersonation/spoofing attack on your trusted contacts.

This can also happen for legitimate reasons, such as a change in your contact’s email infrastructure. If you believe the source of the email is trusted, simply whitelist them again to update their signature.

Updating your whitelisted contact's signature
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