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Importing groups

To make sure emails sent to groups are delivered correctly, you will need to import your groups from Exchange into Trustifi.

Follow the steps below to perform the groups integration.


Step 1 - navigating to "Mail Server Integration"

First, log in to the Trustifi web portal and click on "Outbound Management".

Now, click on the "Plan settings" tab and scroll down the page to the section titled "Mail Server Integration".

Step 2 - connecting to Exchange

Under "Mail Server Integration", make sure the selected integration is "Microsoft Exchange". The initial status will be "Disconnected".

Now, click on the "Connect" button.

Connecting to Exchange

Step 3 - entering admin credentials

After the "Connect" button is clicked, a pop-up window from Microsoft will open.

In the pop-up window, you will first need to enter your Exchange admin credentials and then approve consent for Trustifi to access and import your groups from Exchange.

Entering your Exchange admin credentials

Step 4 - updating groups

After the Microsoft pop-up window is closed, the integration status should change to "Connected".

Now you can click on the "Update Groups" button to import your groups from Exchange.

Clicking on "Update groups"
Information! Note: importing your groups can take a few minutes, depending on how many groups you have. We recommended refreshing the page after a few minutes to see updated results.

Step 5 - viewing your groups

Once the update process has finished, you can click on "Show Groups" to view all the groups which were imported and the members within these groups.

Clicking on "Show Groups"
Viewing your imported groups

Step 6 - continuous integration

Once this integration process has been completed, any changes to your Exchange groups will be automatically updated in Trustifi and you will not need to perform the process again.

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