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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Email Relay apply to everyone in my domain?

Only if you want to. During the configuration process, you will be able to choose whether Email Relay should apply to all domain users, specific groups or select users only. For more information, see steps 30-36 of the Email Relay configuration guide.

Does the Email Relay affect my incoming emails?

No. Email Relay will only be used for outgoing email traffic. If you want to protect your incoming emails against phishing, spam and spoofing, see the Inbound Relay integration guide.

Will the Email Relay automatically encrypt all my emails?

No. While emails sent via Email Relay will be delivered using a secure channel, the content will not be encrypted by default. Emails will only be encrypted according to rules and policies set up by the admin. See the DLP rules & policies guide for more information.

Will the Email Relay automatically encrypt all my attachments?

This depends on the attachment encryption policy which is set up by the admin. This policy can be modified under “Outbound Management” > “Plan settings” in the Trustifi web app.

I received a “Welcome” email from Trustifi. What does this mean?

It means that a Trustifi account has been created for you. By clicking on the “Create a new password” link in this email, you can set a password to access the Trustifi web app or Outlook add-in. Please note that this is not mandatory, you may continue sending emails through the Email Relay without creating a password.

Can I continue using the Trustifi Outlook add-in?

Definitely. The Trustifi add-in for Outlook is designed to work seamlessly with the Email Relay. You can use the add-in to send encrypted emails, or to view tracking information for emails sent with the Email Relay as well.

Is there a size limit for emails/files sent using the Email Relay?

The size of the email body itself (text, HTML and inline images) is limited to 6MB. The size of attachments sent with the email is limited to 1GB.

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