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Email Relay - Configuration, usage, troubleshooting for Microsoft Exchange (On-Premises).

The purpose of this instruction manual is to help you complete the configuration of your Trustifi Email Relay using Microsoft Exchange.

This manual contains the requirements, procedure description, screenshots, usage, and troubleshooting.

This guide provides instructions on how to configure, use or troubleshoot Trustifi Email Relay.

Please follow each step provided and read the warning notes.

Notes regarding on-prem environments:

  • Due to limitations on Exchange, configuration of the email relay for on-prem will always apply to all senders. There is no option to specify which senders/groups should be connected to the email relay.
  • We recommend performing this integration along with a member of our support team. To contact us, please fill out the Email Relay questionnaire and contact us at [email protected] .


Information! Note: Instructions and screenshots in the following guides are taken from Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Other versions of Exchange Server may appear and behave differently.
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