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Testing the Email Relay integration

After the Trustifi host and routing have been created, some tests need to be made to verify the new mail flow.

Information! Change to Google mail flow are usually updated within a few minutes, but changes can take up to several hours to apply.

Use one of the mailboxes connected to the Email Relay to send some test emails:

Internal email: send an email to one or more recipients from your domain.

External email: send an email to one or more recipients outside of your domain.

Internal + external email: send an email to multiple recipients, some from your domain and some outside of it.

Verifying the test results

First, make sure all internal and external recipients have received the tests emails as expected.

To make sure the emails were sent with Trustifi, you can log into the Trustifi web portal and view the "My Emails" page.

All the test emails should appear on this page and you should see full tracking information when clicking on the "Tracking" tab.


If any of the tests above have failed, please visit the "Troubleshooting" section of this document.

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