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Importing Groups

To make sure emails sent to groups are delivered correctly, you will need to import your groups from Google Workspace into Trustifi.

Follow the steps below to perform the groups integration.

Step 1 - navigating to "Mail Server Integration"

First, log in to the Trustifi web portal and click on "Outbound Management".

Now, click on the "Plan settings" tab and scroll down the page to the section titled "Mail Server Integration".

Step 2 - connecting to Google Workspace

Under "Integrations", make sure the selected integration is "Google Workspace". The initial status will be "Disconnected".

Now, click on the "Connect" button.

Connecting to Google Workspace

Step 3 - navigating to Google Admin portal

After the "Connect" button is clicked, a pop-up window from will open. In this pop-up we will enter the relevant credentials for creating the integration.

First, we will need to open the Google Admin portal in a new tab/window and enter the Google admin credentials to connect.

Step 4 - navigating to "Security"

In the Google Admin dashboard, locate and click on the icon labeled "Security".

Navigating to "Security"

Step 5 - navigating to "API Controls"

Under the "Security" section, locate and click on "API Controls".

Navigating to "API Controls"

Step 6 - navigating to "Domain wide delegation"

Under "API controls", locate the "Domain wide delegation" section and click on "Manage domain wide delegation".

Navigating to "Domain wide delegation"

Step 7 - creating a new API client

Under "API clients", click on "Add new" to add a new API client.

Adding a new API client

Step 8 - adding the client ID

Go back to the Trustifi portal and view the pop-up window for connecting to Google Workspace.

From here, copy the code to be used as the client ID.

Paste this code in the field under "Client ID" in the "Add a new client ID" window.

Adding a client ID

Step 9 - adding the scopes

Go back once again to the Trustifi portal and view the pop-up window for connecting to Google Workspace.

From here, copy the scopes to be used in the integration.

Paste these scopes in the field under "0Auth scopes" in the "Add a new client ID" window.

After the scopes have been added, click on "Authorize" to add the API client,

Adding the scopes

Step 10 - verifying the API client

Check the newly added API client and verify the Client ID and the scopes are correct according to the details in the Trustifi portal.

Verifying the API client

Step 11 - navigating back to "Security"

Click on "Security" at the top navigation bar to go back to the "security" page.

Navigating back to "Security"

Step 12 - navigating to "Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAML applications"

Locate the section titled "Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAML applications" and click on it.

Navigating to "Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAML applications"

Step 13 - copying the entity ID

Under "Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAML applications", find the section titled "Entity ID" and copy the last part of the provided URL.

For example - copy only the "XXX" part from this URL: https://accounts.google.com/o/saml2?idpid=XXX

Copying the entity ID

Step 14 - finalizing the connection

Go back to the Trustifi portal and view the "Configure Google Workspace" window.

Under "Admin email" enter the email of the Google admin.

Under "Entity ID" enter the ID recently copied from the "Set up single sign-on (SSO) for SAM applications" page.

Click on "Connect" to finalize the connection.

Step 15 - verifying the connection

Verify that the status for the Google Workspace integration now shows up as "Connected".

Verifying the connection

Step 16 - syncing the groups

To retrieve and sync your groups from Google Workspace, click on "Sync Groups".

You should see a confirmation notification that the process has started.

Please allow a few minutes for the process to finish (may take longer if you have many groups) and refresh the page.

Syncing the groups

Step 17 - viewing the groups

To view the list of groups and distribution lists retrieved from Google Workspace, click on "Show Groups".

Displaying the groups

Step 18 - verifying the groups

Go over the groups and distribution lists in the "Show Groups" window. Clicking on each group/DL should display it's members.

Verifying the groups
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