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Step 1

Open the Trustifi Add-In

Click on the floating Trustifi envelop shield icon to open the Add-In

Step 2

Log-In to Trustifi

A registered user account is required in order to log-in. Sign-up is available through the add-in at the bottom of the window.

Step 3

Composing a new email

Encrypting the email content and requiring multi-factor authentication

In this example, the sender has composed a sensitive email which contains an activation key for a product to a recipient with the following security features enabled:

  • Tracking (automatically enabled)
  • Content encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication

What do these features do?

  • Tracking allows the sender to see if the email has been opened if attachments have been downloaded and more.
  • Encrypt Message Content applies full encryption to the email content, including the attachment.
  • Require Authentication (Multi-Factor authentication) will force the recipient to authenticate via SMS PIN code/phone call, Email, or with a password.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the Add-In
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