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Understanding suspicious activity

One of the ways Trustifi protects users is by constantly monitoring and looking for suspicious activity related to the account.

When suspicious activity is detected, Trustifi will notify the user (and their admin) to review this activity and verify if it is legitimate.

How do I know if this activity is legitimate?

In the notification email you received, you will find information about the source of the suspicious activity.

To determine if this source is legitimate, you should review the following details:

IP address:

First – check if you recognize the IP address. If you are not sure, check if the IP address belongs to you. To check your IP, type “my public IP” into google – the firs result should show you what your public IP is.

Compare this to the “IP address” section in the notification you received from Trustifi.

If these 2 IPs do not match, your email account might have been accessed by someone else.

Origin country:

Check if the email was accessed from a different country – if you haven’t been accessing your emails using a VPN, this could be a sign that someone else had access to your email.

Browser and OS (Operating System):

Here you should verify not only the type of browser and OS specified, but also the version.

Check the version of your operating system and browser to make sure they match the information in the email.

General note:

Many email services use an automated system to open and review some (or all) of your emails, this is done to protect you from malicious emails and does not expose your emails to other people.

However, in such cases you may see the email was opened from an unusual source – since the IP, browser, OS and even origin country may be different from yours.

Still not sure?

If you are still not sure whether your email has experienced suspicious activity, please contact us at [email protected] so that we may assist you in the process.

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